Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I am a plonker.

Once upon a time.....

My silly friend Becky came to stay and left her house AND car keys at my house. Due to us both working long shifts it was tricky trying to figure out what to do. Luckily a friend of a friend was in London, going back to where Becky lives. 

This simple instruction was given to me along with his phone number "Meet him at 1.30pm at Waterloo outside Burger King". Easy eh?

I have to admit I was a bit nervous and felt like I was about to venture on a blind date. Would I be able to spot him when I had no idea what he looked like? Was he going to kill me? Would I give someone else her keys by accident? 

Feeling witty and to break the ice I sent this text "Hello, it's Hannah. Just thought I would check if we need a secret code or anything? Or if your wearing a tin foil coat for me to recognise who you are? :-P" From his reply I established it was not a "password or shady trench coat back alley meeting today" which reassured me slightly. 

I got to the station and realised there were 2 burger kings. So when I got the phone call saying he had arrived, we guessed we were at opposite ones. He asked me to describe my location "I am stood under the Victoria departure board". Have you spotted my mistake?

Yes I was at the wrong station :-(. Luckily he was lovely about this, and came to meet me at Victoria, where we exchanged the dodgy package and parted ways. Luckily it was not a blind date- what a disastrous start. 

I still feel a divvy and thought you might like a smile at my misfortune. 

If you want to go to Becky's blog (Something inspirational) and give her abuse from me about my red cheeks. Please do, she is new to blogging and she I will appreciate it!! :-)



Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Summer Skirtaroooons.

There have been a few days recently where I have felt like Summer has nearly arrived- which have all required a Starbucks Caramel Coffee Frappuccino obviously. This has made me realise I have a serious lack of cute skirts due to the last 3 years of being a poor (and stingy) student. I hit the shops on a mission and was seriously disappointed. I could not find ANYTHING I liked, which lead to a bit of online browsing where I found these  which I simply had to share. 

I could really do with some help from you guys. Have you seen pretty skirts anywhere? Or I shall be forced to walk around in my knickers, and you will be to blame.



Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mummies Day

Dear Mummy Moiro.

I am sorry I cannot be with you today and that you are being made to paint the skirting boards and chop logs.   

I wanted to say a bigggggg thank you for being the best Mummy in the world. 

Thank you for: 

  • finally giving in and letting me have one cat two cats (despite your "allergies"), and sending me pictures when I miss them.
  • always making me do my spellings/homework/assignments/essays/dissertation and proof reading in the middle of the night. 
  • always answering the phone on my walk to work at 6.30am. 
  • moving me and my belongings all over the country and only complaining a little bit. 
  • playing Cluedo with me 100 times even though you hate it. 
  • not shouting when I reversed your car into Dad's.
  • helping the tooth fairy/easter bunny/father christmas for 22 years (and many more I hope).
  • giving me lots of special memories. 
  • changing your name to Moiro. 
  • providing such good entertainment when we tickle you till you cry. 
  • being supportive no matter what. 
  • making me thousands of cups of tea and providing a million biscuits.
  • pretending you are having a lovely time when I am fighting my gambling addiction on the slots for hours.
  • making me leave the slots before I am penny-less.   

Lots and lots and lots of love 

Your favourite daughter :-P


P.S. I bought you these but I do not think they will still be tasty when I next see you, I thought you would like to see me appreciating them instead. 

Feel free to leave your thank you's for any mummies :-) I would like to see them!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My life is complete. Thank you Paul & Joe.

If you have read at least one of my posts before, you will know I am a cat crazy nutcase. Infact in my unpublished posts right now. I have an embarrasing rambly post I wrote whilst missing my cats about how I am in love with them so much and how heartbreaking it is when I leave them (hence the unpublished).   Moving on before I literally change the name of this blog to Mister Tibbles and Sir Maslow are my life (and Zeb too obviously). 

Say hello to PAUL & JOE's Spring 2012 Collection- Kitten Collection and Sparkles Collection. 

I am so frigggggin' excited about this. I apologise in advance for my millions of typos, because I cannot even think about wasting time proof reading- you have to see this NOW! CAT Eyeshadows, CAT lipsticks, CAT nail varnish, CAT pressed powder, CAT blusher sticks, AND CAT gel eye liner. I am in heaven. 

Image found here.

Image found here. 

Image found here. 

You can purchase Paul & Joe products online at Beauty Bay and ASOS (no sign of the spring collection yet).

I am also extra excitable because I have just found out I walk by a store all the time that stocks the Paul & Joe range. Guess where I am going to be tomorrow?

Do you think you would purchase any of these products? I want them ALL but would be scared to ruin them :-(



Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Happy Birthday, Princess.

I wanted to share a few snippets of a surprise pink princess birthday party that I had great fun planning. 

The cutest and funniest Happy Birthday Song ever, that we found on Youtube and played when she arrived for "dinner after work".

We had such a fun day baking, making party food, waiting for delivery men, cutting and sticking birthday vouchers, wrapping presents, blowing balloons and feeling very princessy (we did not enjoy the absolute mountain of washing up we made during the day). It was all worth it when we saw the birthday girl's face. It is such a fun way of celebrating a birthday (especially if you are on a budget). 



Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BaByliss Waving Wand Wonders.

My life has been a quest to conquer my lifeless hair that REFUSES to hold any kind of a curl. No matter how much tempting, teasing, forcing, product slathering and stomping I do. I would like to rejoice with you now, and introduce my battle buddy the BaByliss Waving Wand. which cost me £30.63 from Boots- seeing as this has granted me eternal happiness, I think you will agree is a tiny price to pay. 

Warning- A quick mini rant. I have been saving my Boots advantage points for years, and thought I would treat myself using my points. I got to the till and they told me you can only use your points if you have enough to cover the full amount!!!! Is that not just ridiculous? 

I am absolutely in love. This wand makes the most beautiful wave effect, it does not have any kind of clamping device which I found made it really easy to use and avoids any odd looking grip marks that I struggle with when using other curling devices. It only took around 20 minutes to do my entire head, I  even managed to do the back with no straining injuries. The curls stayed in my hair for THREE days until I washed it, despite nights of tossing and turning they still looked good! 

This is what came in the box (which my mum recycled before I had chance to take a picture) along with the instruction manual. The heat-resistant glove is fantastic, and allowed me to curl all my hair with no yelping. 

There are four temperature settings, which makes me feel less guilty about frazzling my hair. I used the lowest setting as my hair is really fine, and the results were still fantastic. The wand took no time at all to heat to the correct temperature and there is a light to demonstrate when ready. The product has an auto shut off, which saves some element of panic when worrying if your house is burning down.

The barrel is oval shaped, which is what gives the waving effect rather than tight curls. Although I found you were still able to create a tight curl if you used small sections of hair. This barrel worked beautifully on my hair, which is fairly long. However when playing hairdressers with my mum who has some short layers, it did not work very well and she ended up with a few "boxy/square" looking bits of hair.

The finished effect :-)

I highly recommend this waving wand. I think it is fabulous.



Monday, 5 March 2012

Wanna come on a Bloglovin adventure?

Hello you Raggamuffins.

There have been rumours spreading through blogs about Google Friend Connect (which is the following thingamajiggy) closing. I have no idea on the truth behind this, and I cannot find any "official" evidence. However if it did, it naturally would be a disaster. I would hate to loose you guys as you do make me squeal a bit when I get some kind of a notification, and I would be gutted if I was not able to nose into your lives any more.  

This has pushed me to venture to the new scary land of Bloglovin.  Once I arrived there in the strange Narnia-land, it is actually a lovely place with a simple layout. It took about 30 seconds to create an account, and makes it really easy to follow your favourite blogs! So come join me? Maybe you can tempt Zebedeee to get out of bed and come too. 

So get Clicky Clicky ing. 



Blog Awards.

This is a huge thank you post to all the lovely beautiful bloggers that have sent me awards (I apologise this has taken me so long). This is my previous Versatile Blogger Award post if you wish to read my seven facts click these little words. 

  • Versatile blogger award nominated by both JadeHanne and Krystyna (who also awarded this jointly to Zebedeee, she was thrilled- and celebrated with a tasty treat).

  • Cute blog award nominated by Fiona.

  • Kreativ blog award nominated by Josie.

You should definitely go and look at these treasures.




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