Thursday, 27 September 2012

Seven Things for Seven Days

I have borrowed this idea, and if you do not know where from- you must be crazy and living under a stone, so crawl out and come have a look at this beautiful place! 

I have a wonderful week of annual leave from work, and have returned to enjoy some home comforts. I thought this blogpost would be a good way to plan what I want to achieve... before I return to London and realise I have led on the sofa in the same pyjamas for a whole week watching Toddlers and Tiaras. Ooops. 

Source- Pinterest

So here are 7 things I would like to achieve. 

1. Go to play grannies having tea and cake with my best friend Sarah. Hopefully I will return home with mascara down my face, and not feeling too guilty that she checks my blog everyday with a disappointed feeling when there is nothing to read. 

2. Not to feel stressed about work, demanding parents, bossy doctors or children spitting medicine in my face. 

3. Paint my nails pretty colours with glitter, because I do not have to take it off the next day :-D

4. Appreciate that this week I do not have to be a grown up and enjoy my parents cooking and cleaning, and maybe help a tiny bit.     

5. Repot my cactus that my parents kindly foster for me because I have no room in my cupboard London bedroom.  

6. Cuddle my cats at least a billion times a day, and to be nice to Sir Maslow at 4am when he gets in the bed soaking wet and muddy, to dribble on my face purring extra loud because he is so pleased with himself.

7. Find a new perfect blusher. 

These may not sound like huge goals, but I feel it is about time I give in and have a good rest before I explode. 



P.S. If you have noticed my absence then I am really sorry. I debated whether or not to make a post dedicated to this, but figured it is not much fun reading about someone who cannot balance a job, making sure the washing up does not flow out the front door, going out for a mojito and seeing some humans outside of work occasionally, avoiding having ready meals for every meal, talking stupidly to cats on the phone and blogging. If only I had a Bernard's watch...

P.P.S. But if you did not realise my absence... pretend you did not read that and continue thinking I am some kind of superwoman. 


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