Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Introducing Zebedeee Doo-dah.

I think it is about time that I show you the tiny furry creature in my life. Now sadly when I moved to London into rented accommodation; I had to sign a contract saying no pets!!!! I was not really sure if I would be able to sneak her in, and it broke my heart to leave her behind. Naughtily after being here a few weeks, I am debating if I could maybe bring her along after all. It is getting rather lonely!!!! Here is a bit about about her...

Hello everyone my name is Zebedeee. I am one year old. And super mischievous, one day I might be famous and on the telly program Animals do the funniest things for a pretty spectacular leap (if I do say so myself) onto a table, sadly I misjudged it. I did not find this funny, but I still tried again several times. 

I really love climbing; especially when noone can find me and they really start to panic. I have been found on top of bookcases, in wardrobes, inside armchairs, I know alllllllllllllsorts of hiding places.

I am really greedy, and will do anything for a bit of cake. (Even if they are kept hidden on a table that my humans think is impossible for me to get on- I always find a way)

I am always excited to make new friends. Of all kinds; even if they are a bit scary looking. I am even friends (through the bars) with the pussy cats that live with me. I could keep them entertained for hours. Silly creatures.

I can find my way into anything but sometimes struggle getting out. 

One of my favourite things to do is run around carrying a kinder egg ball. I could do this for hours and hours and never get bored. Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy but I am super speedy. 

I love christmas, and chewing all the wrapping paper up. I am already getting so excited for this years events. 

Sometimes I admit I am a little bit naughty. I use to escape from my cage and noone knew how I did it. On several occasions I was found running around at 3am unsupervised. This is the look I give when they find me... it is a bit of the surprise, guilt and RUNNNN look.

One more thing about me. I absolutely LOVE carpet. More than anything in the world. I love to rip it all up and stuff it in my pouch. I get told off for making holes in the floor, but I do not understand why. I am sorry for the amount of pictures but who does not love pictures of a super adorable cute hamster? Please persuade my human to bring me to London. I want to have adventures too! 



Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tea on the Ceiling like Mary Poppins!

Today I possibly had my most crazy dining experience ever. And I absolutely loved it. It is an incredible little restaurant on Kings Road called Buona Sera At the Jam. If you are ever around the area I insist you must visit it (and take me along). 

I am not sure how to describe it except the tables are like bunk bedded little cabins (scarily reminding me of my dream in my last post). Now the pictures do not do it any justice. But the gap between the two sides of the room was tiny, and it was impossible to get far enough away to take a picture. 

But basically you climb up these little wooden treehouse steps....

And then you sit in this, as you can see I am nearly sitting on a mans head. It is just so so so cute and surreal. I was mega excited the whole time. We felt just like we were eating on the ceiling like Mary Poppins. We even had a little dial that controlled the sound of the speaker in our booth! How amazing?

It is an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious and good value for money. It offered a huge range of dishes from pizza to lobster! My boyfriend (who pretends he can speak Italian) told me the name translates to Good Evening, I actually researched this and I hate to admit he was right. I know you will read this and grin, so wipe that smirk off. 




P.S. I have obviously got toilets on the brain- but the toilet in this tiny little restaurant, was the funniest I had ever been in. I felt like Alice in Wonderland stuck in a tiny house. My head was nearly in the sink, and my knees on the wall (and I have short legs).

Friday, 25 November 2011

Story time and Ladybugs

I have an active imagination and often have ridiculously unusual dreams. I spoke to my mum about this earlier and she thought it might be nice to share it on here. (I think she is hoping someone will see it and lock me away) 

So please get comfy, grab a COT or one of these delicious hot chocolates I have just discovered at Carluccio's and get ready for storytime. I will try and give you the compact version. But I cannot promise anything. 

*****twinkly dream music intro*****

One of my best friends arranged for me to go to Greenland as a birthday present. However I was allowed no time to pack, resulting in me having no money or warm clothes- it was very snowy and I was freezing. I wanted to go to the christmas market but it was £1 entry, my sister had appeared by this point and only had 50p. A nice lady then showed me the room that had been arranged by my friend. It was in a long thin wooden building, I walked down a corridor with my shoulders brushing each side, she then pulled back a curtain revealing a wooden picnic bench that touched all the sides of the wall.  Opposite me was a couple lying on their picnic bench having a sandwich. I started to wonder if my friend actually disliked me at this point. I desperately needed the toilet, and the lady directed me saying they only had one toilet in Greenland. Unfortunately when I got there the only toilet was situated on the edge of a swimming pool, that had about 100 ladies doing aqua aerobics in green frog hats. I was sat with my knickers round my ankles on this toilet with all these frog eyes looking at me when I woke up. 

I often wonder what dreams mean. This one is beyond analysing. I spoke to the friend in control of the events this morning and told her this crazy dream (whilst making her promise she is not going to send me to Greenland anytime soon). She simply said "you like people watching you on the toilet". Helpful eh? 



P.S. I wanted to share my ladybug nails. How difficult is it to take a picture of your thumb and finger nails together????

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A sneaky peak into my room

When I arrived here I have got to admit I was not thrilled with my room- not quite the London penthouse I dream about living in when I win the lottery. It was an empty, blank sad space. With an ancient looking radiator, and a bed that looked rather like the bed my Auntie takes camping. (In a tent this may appear pure luxury however in a bedroom a shambles!!!)

However I did not want to feel disheartened. And I have slowly been transforming it into a room that is much more me. I thought I would give you a peek at this little area on my board. Although since I took hours sticking all these pins in... I have realised I have nowhere to stick practical things. Like my train tickets I have just got to go home on christmassssss eve :-D because I am not working christmas day. LA LA LA. 



Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Brown paper packages tied up with string....

These are a few of my favourite things. Dum Dum Dum Dum. 

Today I got home to a parcel that my parents had forwarded to me for a little pick me up, instead of me waiting weeeeeeeeeks for it. 

My Carmine delivery. This is a new beauty box (this is only their second ever package).  It is £10 a month plus £2.75 p&p, and you receive five products- some full sized and some miniatures.

Now I have been subscribed to Glossybox since the beginning, and I love it. But when I heard about Carmine I have got to admit I was very excited. I decided I would not allow myself to subscribe to both of these boxes, but simply to receive one Carmine, and then decide on my favourite. However I loved the first Carmine box so much, I felt it was only fair to make my decision after another (and maybe another) :-P  


This months theme was "Fame and Good Fortune" which means every product is linked to a celebrity. This is explained along with a description of each product on this cute little card. 

Now I have got to admit one of my favourite things to do is research how much all these products would be worth- we all want our money well spent. So I thought I would share this impressive figure with you as I cannot believe it.


From left to right. 
  1. Dainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil in 004 Shake Your Tail Feather  (Nicola Roberts Makeup line) £10.50
  2. Neom Organics Real Luxury Body Lotion £4.90
  3. Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink in Taupe £22.00
  4. New CID i-Pout lipstick in Damson £15.00
  5. Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream £9.50 

1, 3 & 4 

I found the dainty doll eyeliner applied smoothly, but the colour was quite pale after the first application, however as shown above when worked on it is a beautiful shimmery turquoise green colour. The Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink can also be used as an eyeliner or body ink; it is semi permanent (these words scared me slightly although the website assures it can be removed with cleanser). This colour is too dark for my eyebrows and to be perfectly honest, I do nothing with my eyebrows ever! But as an eyeliner it is so easy to apply with its felt tip pen like appearance. 

My favourite goodie this month is definitely this lipstick... it has a built in mirror and light!!!! Allowing you to apply it anywhere :-) pretty nifty eh? (Sorry the picture does not do it justice) It is lovely to apply, slides on so easy and is really moisturising. Plus the colour is beautiful. All my best bits about a lipstick! 

All in All.... I think this box is really good value for money, and offers a range of products. How am I ever going to make a decision???



Monday, 21 November 2011

Dear Santa. I need some help.

So it is the time of year to get prepared for the big fat jolly red fella- who is waiting for my list, and I can not be the one to let the guy down!!!! BUT I simply cannot make up my mind.

Diesel- Loverdose 

£58.00- 75mls

An addictive and unique fragrance with top notes of mandarin and star anise, followed by a blend of liquorice, rich vanilla and sensual dry woods in the base.

Illamasqua- Freak

£59.00- 75mls/ £80.00 Gift Set 

Freak is a concoction of dangerously exotic unconventional flowers that Illamasqua has unashamedly blended together to celebrate the night. The intoxicating scent includes notes of Black Davana, Belladonna, Poison Hemlock and Queen of the Night. 

I have 'borrowed' these descriptions from the Selfridges website because it makes them sound so much more intriguing and exciting than I ever could.

Gift Set Information 

The gift set varies between the Illamasqua website and Selfridges, as pictured below.

Illamasqua= Pure Pigment in Static, Sheer Lipgloss in Rouse, and Nail Varnish in Jo'Mina.

Selfridges= Pure Pigment in Queen of the Night, Sheer Lipgloss in Datura, and Nail Varnish in Hemlock.

Now I have been smelling both of these perfumes over and over. And I just cannot make my mind up. They are similar in price. The bottles are both beautiful. I love them both. There is just one thing swaying me.... I am in love with the little snail on the Freak Bottle. :-D

Oh and... I am a sucker for gift sets.

But is that enough Santa? I just do not know.



Sunday, 20 November 2011

A 'Hard' Mornings Work!

This weekend, my boyfriend came as my first visitor. Instead of venturing out to Hummingbird Bakery, which is possibly one of the most delicious cupcake shops ever (and have the cutest packaging). Definitely worth a visit, if you are ever visiting the London area. We decided to use this amazing present I was given by my Auntie- The Hummingbird Bakery Recipe Book!!!!!!

Nothing Better than a COT and a cupcake.

After a bit of arguing we finally decided on Caramel Cupcakes. Now they might not look Hummingbird Bakery standard. But they are still rather yummy. The only downside..... the STACK LOAD of washing up we are yet to fight over!!!!

The finished result



P.S. COT= Cup of tea :-)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Show and Tell

I use to love show and tell when I was at little school. Recently I have had several people comment on these earrings, giving me that nice fuzzy feeling. So I would like to share a present that I was sent by a friend for my birthday.

Are they not the most adorable earrings you have ever seen? My favourite two at the moment are the cupcake and the candycane.  Or the lollipop and the spoon. Or the ice cream and the sweetie. Or the pearl or the heart. You get the message.

They are obviously from Accessorize (a rather exciting and tempting place) :-D although I am not sure if they are still in the store currently. 



Thursday, 17 November 2011

We are always best friends.


If there is one thing I love more than Starbucks.... it is when it's CHRISTMAS time. Every year when I see the little red cups, I have to restrain myself from jumping and wooping with joy. (Sometimes I am not that great at restraining.) 

A positive of leaving the country. I can now get to a Starbucks, order my drink and return to my house in about 2 minutes. This trip is made a million times more enjoyable when I hear christmas songs are already playing. Is it allowed to seriously be so excited about christmas already? Shhhhhhhhh, don't tell.

Eggnog Latte & Salted Caramel Pecan Bar

P.S. I have a secret to admit. Celia I grinned from ear to ear when I saw I had my first ever follower and comment. So I would like to raise this Latte to you, thank you for your welcoming comment. And thank you that I can now say my mum is not my only reader. :-P 



Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Whole New World!

Dear Reader. 

I have recently been up-hauled from my cosy life in the country (after returning from my slum days of student life); and thrown all alone into this huge scary londontown where zebra crossings seem to have different rules and dogs ride in pushchairs. 

I am an obsessive blog fan and love love love giving my laptop a cheeky smirk or a chuckle at a blog post; so I figured it is time to share my new beginning (plus I need a new hobby- the dog pushchairing is just not for me).  

The day before I was dumped, abandoned and became a loner with no friends. One of my bestest friends arrived bright and early on a surprise visit to spend our last day together. She left me with my new favourite posession......

*******************************My Emergency Kit********************************

I have ridiculous will power. Not opening this box is my hardest challenge. But I know one day when I am desperate. This will put the worlds biggest smile on my face. (However is it bad I am starting to wish for an emergency?) :-s

Do you think I should sneak a peek?




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