Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The tale of a sparkly dress.

I was innocently browsing hundreds of beautiful dresses in House of Fraser recently when this sparkly fellow caught my eye. It was love at first sight despite the fact I have a few rather similar dresses. After a quick consultation with my best friend who assured me I could never have too many sparkly dresses, I will love it just as much as the rest and it will have plenty of appearances out of the wardrobe- I was convinced I could not leave without it and equally convinced I really should get rid of Sarah and her encouragement. 

The price... £18.00 reduced from £45.00. I then remembered I had a £20.00 voucher as I had signed up for a store card previously. Naughty Naughty- I am just too nice to say no. A free dress, yes please. I skipped to the till and handed over my voucher and store card to the bored swishy looking shop assistant. 

"Sorry you cannot use this voucher"
**puzzled look**
"It is for Debenhams"

Then I remember that yes I actually got a Debenhams store card, and I became a dumbass. I also felt guilty refusing to open a House of Fraser store card when she clearly knew I had a Debenhams one so guess what? I opened one. 

Please tell me you have tried to pay with a voucher in the wrong shop before? But on the plus side, look at my new friend. Who I cannot look at without grinning as this is not any sparkly dress, it is a sparkly dress with a story.  



Friday, 15 March 2013

Toenails and Boyfriends.

It is tricky to paint toenails. I think this is a) because feet are so far away from hands, and b) I am not flexible (I cannot even touch my toes). So I feel it is necessary to force other people to assist with this task. I ask Mikey (boyfriend)  to help me out every time I see him. I try to bribe him, blackmail him, make it a competition, flatter his artistic skills and promise to not do his in return. It never ever works, so you must understand the amazement (and suspicion) when he says "alright han", on the condition he could choose anything he wanted. 

I jumped at the chance.... and gave him my entire nail varnish collection, glitter, stickers, diamonds and decorating utensils. 

I got Chelsea football nails. 

I laughed out loud and cried a little bit on the inside, and moaned and moaned and moaned. Now I know this may appear slightly very ungrateful, but I realllllllllllly love pretty nails. He was lucky enough to be given a second chance :-P and painted a beautiful little strawberry on every single toe. Sadly I have somehow lost my picture of this, and now they are a bit chipped and camera shy. 

So thanks Mikey- I hope this has not made you feel too unmanly.  




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