Thursday, 30 January 2014

Down the rabbit hole for afternoon tea.

Alice in Wonderland + best friends + tea + cake= a perfect magical afternoon obviously. 

I went for a Mad Hatter's afternoon tea at the Sanderson hotel on Oxford Street with two of my favourite people in the whole world.  I felt like a child, and was instantly overexcited. Everything was adorable- the menu, the crowned teapots, the dancing singing sugar box, the delicious little goodies that did not even look like food. It was priced at £38.00 per person. Which initially I thought sounded a lot for tea and cake- however when we arrived in the courtyard garden (that was undercover) I soon stopped being scroogy and fell in love with the surroundings. 

The selection of teas smelt absolutely delicious- Mint choc chip, apple pie, rhubard & custard and strawberries & cream. The only disappointing thing was they did not actually taste great. You cannot beat a normal cup of tea. 


The design and detail that went into every piece was amazing. 

Smoked Cumbrian ham with wholegrain mustard on sun dried tomato bread.
Cucumber and chive cream cheese on spinach bread.
Smoked Salmon and lemon butter on dark rye bread.
Egg mayonnaise with watercress and smoked sea salt on lemon bread.

I'm late, I'm late.

The afternoon would not have been complete without a drink me potion, which was a passionfruit and coconut layered pannacotta. I did not grow tall or tiny, however when we had scoffed the lot I think I was twice as wide. 

The most beautiful mirror in the land is in the toilet!!! If I could have brought this home with me I would give it pride of place. If you ask me it was screaming more Snow White than Alice in Wonderland. 

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fattest, greediest of them all? That would be me of course.

We left grinning like Cheshire cats.



Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The big top ten

1. An outing to Harrods- My two favourite bits of visiting Harrods, the puppies and macaroons, enough said?

2. I am in love with sausage dogs- Clothes, jewellery and bags covered in sausage dogs that I needed to share to prevent myself purchasing the lot (it worked).

3. Graduation dress hunting- A post full of beautiful dresses, and what a difficult dress this was to find. I do not think I actually ever did a graduation post but I opted for the last dress if you are interested ;-) and I loved it- however it spent the entire day hiding under a boring gown so I could have saved myself the stress and just wore knickers. 

4. A glittery rave- A review of  three Avon lip glosses, which I can now only locate one of. 

5. Babyliss waving wand wonders- The only magic tool that has ever been able to curl my hair (that simply loves being straight) and thanks to the heatproof glove we have not fallen out yet.

6. Brown paper packages tied up with string- A Carmine box, before it merged with Glossybox. This makes me sad as I cancelled my beauty box subscriptions due to overflowing drawers of make up and not enough face to use it all. I love the excitement of parcels in the post, I have since replaced this surprise with a Graze subscription and I definitely have enough belly for this. 

7. What a sad sad moment :-(- The sad sad moment when your jeans rip in the crotch, then continue to wear them until the sadder moment you realise half your bum is hanging out. Funny I have found this post, as I have just had this moment of bum exposing realisation from the blog post replacement pair. Back to the drawing board.

8. Dear beautiful Zebedeee Doodah- This was the most difficult post I have ever done, and I sat with tears dripping on the keyboard as I said goodbye to Zeb. I am not sure I trust myself to read it again now. 

9. Snap Crackle POP- A discovery of yet another glittery nail polish that I had actually forgotten about- note to self find it (and a lot of nail varnish remover).

10. Primark is hitting the nail on the head big time- I think the title pretty much sums this post up.

I really enjoyed writing this, and reading back over old posts (admittedly I did cringe a couple of times). Pleaseeeeee do this, and let me know when you do, so I can enjoy yours too. 



Monday, 20 January 2014

Advent Present Fun

I know its near the end of January, and there is probably a  big fat rule in the good blogger handbook about Christmas related posts. However I decided to take the chance of being on the naughty list this year to share this. My housemates and I decided instead of  buying christmas presents for each other that we would pull one name from a hat and put a present under the tree for everyday in December until Christmas. 

 "Advent Present"
These were our terms and conditions.

This was so much fun having 25 little presents to open rather than a present on christmas day. I think that this game could also be applied to other special occasions. I for one would happily accept a small present every day throughout the month of my birthday. Hint Hint. It takes a bit more pre-planning but was definitely worth it. If you give this a ago, let me know. :-)



P.S. Incase you noticed there were two number 23's. One is suppose to be 24. Sadly Sarah is still learning her numbers :-P

P.P.S. You may also realise a few of the clues do not actually make sense. Eg. a cold pack to keep me toasty on the way to work? Ha. 

P.P.P.S. Thanks Sarah- I loved all my presents. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


According to my boyfriend, this is me being Gangster. I would say casual. Seeing as he took these pictures I guess what he says goes.  

Scarf- Country Show
Tank top- Primark
Super long sleeved top- Primark (I have to roll the arms twice)
Jeans- Topshop 
Coat- Primark
Shoes- Peckham

These shoes are new, admittedly they were cheap, and may fall apart after a few weeks... BUT it was 3 pairs of shoes for £10. Can you really go wrong with that? I found them in a little shop in Peckham when my sister dragged me to Poundland Avenue. Eeeeekk! I have to admit I love a 99p store bargain. 

So yeah... these pictures are old. Sue me. Bye Toffeenut latte, I will miss you insanely till next year.



Monday, 13 January 2014

Note to self

Dear Hannah.

I have just browsed over every post you have ever wrote. I smiled, laughed and felt proud whilst looking at your memories previously shared and photographs that have been pushed to the depths of a folder on your laptop.

I also felt a few pangs of sadness and regret. Why has this little bit of online space been left with special memories unshared that should not be forgotten.

I know that you have been struggling with this blog for a while. Being a nurse is a lot harder than you ever thought it would be, and this is dominating your life. Days off after working tough 12 hour shifts leave you exhausted and unenthusiastic to get outside and enjoy life. But it does not have to be like that. This year you need to make time to see those special people, make time for more memories and be able to document these in a place you can always look back on and feel satisfied with your life. 


This is your space so do what you want. 

Pull your finger out, I know you can do it. 




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