Thursday, 27 February 2014

Instafeb :-)

Happy February <3

1. Valentines day surprise from the bestie. 2. Facing the consequences and silly amounts of laughter. 3. Fell in love with this beautiful mixer. 4. Desperately trying to abduct a tiny kitty (and failing). 5. New adorable fluffy pompom tail bunny phone case, thanks sister. 6. Krispy kreme. 7. Jammy dodger cocktails= a mouthful of heaven. 8. New favourite snack.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Too adorable.

I have never been one for false nails:
1) Nursing is not the right career for beautiful nails.
2) I hate it when you loose one and they look uneven.
3) My fingers always end up stuck together during the application process.

Therefore I normally managed to ignore them completed whilst shopping.  I ventured to Primark recently (this sentence always ends in a disaster and my bank card shaking with fear), and I somehow spotted a shelf lined with the most adorable nails ever. I decided to treat my sister to a couple of sets, as I know I will not be able to appreciate them myself and I thought I should definitely share them with you.

Just eeeeeeek. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Dare you not to squeal.

I don't know about you. But there is nothing I am enjoying actually watching on telly at the moment... except the adverts!!!!! Seriously what is with these absolutely adorable adverts that have nothing to do with whatever is being advertised? I have no idea, but I am certainly not complaining. My housemates on the other hand... must hate the adverts as I am constantly squealing at the television and demanding that I need a kitten, puppy, hamster, cat, budgie and hedgehog.

So incase you have somehow missed these, you naughty sky plus fast forward the adverts person. You have to watch these and hyperventilate at how damn cute it is. (I also just wanted an excuse to make this blog post so I can watch them over and over in one place). 

I apologise the last one is huge, for some reason it is misbehaving. Which one is your favourite? I honestly could not decide.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Choccywoccydoodah delight.

You must have watched the TV series Choccywoccydoodah. If not crawl out of your cave and investigate- they create the most amazing cakes made entirely of chocolate. You cannot watch the program without deciding you simply have to have a Choccywoccydoodah wedding cake. Well if you are not able to cope with the suspense until your wedding day you should venture to a store/cafe in London or Brighton. I popped along to admire the creations at the Carnaby Street branch and (obviously) visit the cafe and oh my gosh, I wanted to lick everything in this place. 

I do not think any explanation is necessary, these pictures tell it all. It is reasonably priced, and a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. I only have one recommendation for this place- a bucket should be provided with all delicious treats. I left feeling rather queasy. 

P.S. If you go... visit the toilet, it is adorable.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

To keep or not to keep?

Firstly sorry I look slightly rough, I had finished a run of night shifts and then went shopping which is frankly a ridiculous idea as you end up buying things with night shift brain. 

Secondly yes you can see my jeans round my ankles, do not pretend that you never do this. :-P

Thirdly do I keep this dress? Or pass along to my always obliging sister. At the time I thought I loved it. Now I am not convinced, but I cannot put my finger on what I dislike about it. Helppp. 

H&M- £14.99

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Instajan ;-)

1. Insane amounts of christmas goodies. 2. Fun train journeys. 3. Amazing peanut butter, chocolate and M&M waffles @ Sprinkles. 4. Relaxing with Sir Maslow. 5. Late birthday surprise- pottery painting with my BFF's. 6. Facetiming my kittens for the first time, thanks moimoi. 7. Who knew you need a degree for building furniture? 8. Tadaaaaa my new desk.




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