Monday, 17 November 2014

Hi Stranger.

This is a very embarrasing climbing out the rabbit hole kind of hello. I may have been absent for a little very very long while. So, I thought perhaps you would enjoy a 6 month(ish) catch up. Please be warned this may be rather time consuming :-)

I have:
  • Had rather a few afternoon teas.

  • Went to Edinburgh for a few days with Mikey. We went to Edinburgh Zoo and after months and months of watching Tian Tian on the live pandacam I finally got to meet her and I cannot describe my excitement. We trekked up Arthur's seat- I was told this was a "hill", this was a huge lie as it was definitely a mountain and we obviously ended up taking the dangerous route. Luckily we did not get blown off the top, and made it town alive.


  • Had the pleasure of watching this family of gosling's grow to become beautiful geese on my way to and from work. One early miserable morning I watched this family chase a man who had to pick his dog up and run for his life (into a puddle), he swore a lot and stared at me for laughing. I won't lie, it made my day.

  • Welcomed the summer sunshine (most of the time).

  • And the autumn.

  • Ventured to New York on an amazing holiday.

  • Enjoyed a lot of coffee

  • Loved these girls more than ever <3 Chipmunks <3
  • Drank too many cockails.

  • Loved being a nurse, hated being a nurse and started a uni course to be able to mentor student nurses. Hello student discount.

  • Enjoyed my kittens. "Cuddling is when you hold your pet hostage and think they enjoy it". 

  • Watched my little sister graduate and move to Amsterdam! 

I have missed this little place of the internet, I was struggling to balance everything and have been enjoying myself instead of feeling guilty about not documenting it. What has been your highlight of the last 6 months? Take a moment and think about it.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New adventures.

Thoughout my life I know I have made my parents proud on many occasions. However I cannot remember a time I felt overwhelmed by this feeling towards them... until last week. 

Introducing Heathercreech Kitchen, my mums little delicious project. This is something completely new for my family, and super duper exciting. I went home for the grand opening of this adorable little bakery/sandwich shop last week. The day before was spent decorating, sorting, emergency trips to the shops (x2), prettying, baking, stressing and singing- we stayed there till midnight, and had to be up at 4am the following day to prepare for the day! 

Here is a little example of some emergency decorating because there was no time for painting! Pretty wallpaper and cute pictures.

There was sandwiches, cakes, pastries, hot pies & pasties galore. I admit I am biased but everything was absolutely scrummy. I can highly recommend a prawn salad roll followed by a large slice of homemade carrot cake. Mmmm.


I posted this picture on my Facebook and now everyone cannot stop telling me how much I look like my dad, however I am not sure this is a good thing, he is a man after all!

I am so glad I could make it home for the two days. The tiredness and stress were so worth it. My parents received so much help and support from their friends, they definitely could not have opened without them. A huge huge huge thank you to the friend who stayed all night and still came back at 6am to make a bucket of coleslaw in the morning. The friend who stood in the sink and washed up the chaos for 3 hours straight. The friends who arrived before the shop opened just to be there and take pictures which they made into an adorable photo album which made my mum cry. The friends that popped in just to say hello. The people that brought good luck cards who we hardly knew. Thanks for the smiles worn by all throughout the day.

Congratulations moi and dad. I couldn't be prouder. Good luck. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I saw a lot of people posting pictures on facebook of their bare faces to raise awareness of cancer, I did not understand how this was helping and deciding this was a craze I would not be taking part in. However it then changed to naked faces and donating messages. After a couple of tags and reading a news article about how #nomakeupselfies have made 8 million pounds for Cancer Research in just 6 days. It would be rude not to take part, and why not blog about it as well as facebook it? :-)

This is after I dragged myself up for a night shift (hence the sad face). I tag all of you that read this. Upload a picture of your beautiful face to your blog and text beat to 70007. Don't be shy. 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Sunshine award has got its hat on.

The rules:

1. Display the award.
2. Say "thank you" to the wonderful person that nominated you.
3. Share 10 interesting things about yourself.
4. Nominate some of your favourite blogs.
5. Link to the nominated blogs, and share the news with them!

10 things about me:
  • I get on really well with my family, and love spending time with them.
  • Cluedo is one of my favourite board games, but everyone refuses to play with me as noone likes it. :-(
  • I am really messy, but on first impressions everyone believes I would be be an organised, tidy person. Sorry housemates. 
  • Instagram is becoming more and more addictive #startingtouseridiculoushashtags.
  • I love pink way too much, everything I own is pink and people sometimes stare when they enter my room. 
  • I become very attached to my pets. I miss my boys insanely when away from home.
  • My lucky number is 14- therefore I am hoping for good things this year.
  • I do not think I want to be a nurse forever.
  • Big bun still sleeps in my bed with me every night, and he now wears a babygrow as his stuffing is falling out his ripped bits.
  • I am really trying to make more time for my blog, and loving it, loving it, loving it. :-)
I could sit and nominate blogs for hours. These are a few I enjoy reading a lot, a lot!!!

A Daisy Chain Dream
I is for Iz
Pocket Full of Fashion

If anyone else wants to do this, I tag you too. Your it.

I would like to say a big thank you to Liesl from Pretty.Random.Things for reading my blog and the nomination. 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

A week away from life.

I have finally had a little well deserved week away from work. I initially thought what a lovely blogging opportunity this may be. Realistically... I have had a week crammed full of fun and games and no time for any computer time at all. So I thought you might like to see what I have been up too, however whilst reviewing pictures of the last 9 days- there seems to be one theme.... food. So if you are hungry, I would stop reading right these second.

I spent a few days with my boyfriend and his family, which I never get to do. We went to the cinema for the first time in 2 years!!! We saw The Book Thief, I was hooked the whole way through and thought it was an amazing film. I even had a little cry (which is very unlike me). I still do not know if this is a sad or a happy film, it messed with my emotions the entire way through. I will not spoil the storyline for you, but definitely watch this film. 


Homemade chicken, sweet chilli and gherkin pizza. 

Yo! Sushi- Definitely needs a visit on Monday. This is one of our favourite places to go, as Mikey can eat 30,000 dishes and I can drink endless Miso.

I then went back home to Somerset which means I get to fill my days with my cats, my parents and the countryside, which makes me super excited. 

Mister Tibbles <3

Sir Maslow <3

I was suppose to return to London with my parents and family friends for a few days of activities however Massy got poorly and this had to be cancelled. The poor little guy had a partially blocked bladder, and looked so sad and sorry for himself it broke my heart. Luckily after many injections, tablets and a urine sample taken via needle through his bladder :-(. He managed to avoid needing a catheter and returned home for lots of cuddles on my makeshift bed in the dining room. 

However this did not halt all the plans, our family friends came to stay with us. We still had a lot of fun (and an awful lot of food) around looking after Massy and trips to see the new good looking vet. 

I used foil's for the first time, I decided to attempt my toes as I thought I could keep them on for longer and I had seen it on a blog (sorry I cannot remember which) and it looked so cute. But oh gosh... it is rather difficult on tiny toenails, especially because my mum's hair-dryer cuts out frequently. 

 I finally returned to London and spent a night with my two BFF's. We ate a load more food,  drank too much wine and laughed and laughed in the natural history museum.  

I am now two stone heavier, but so very happy, and gutted it is time for the real world and work again :-( Thanks to everyone for making my week special.


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