Friday, 2 December 2011

My Christmas Essentials!

I thought I would share a teeenie weeenie amount of my current christmas essentials with you girls. 

A new gold sparkly nail varnish. I have just arrived home to my new ELF order. :-D This is Golden Goddess- and it is beautiful, it really catches the light and would be perfect over a christmas colour (however I have come home this weekend and packed in a bit of a rush). Plus it was only £1.50!!!!!

A new yummy vaseline. I love vaseline in the winter, and I awaited the new limited edition flavour to be released anxiously. I was so excited when I saw it was Creme Brulee- this is one of my favourite desserts!!! I think it smells heavenly. I picked this up in Selfridges, I am not sure if it has been launched to drug stores yet. Definitely keep your eyes peeled though!

A new christmas album. Every year it is VITAL to try a new christmas album I have just got Joe Mcelderry- Classic Christmas. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for his adorable face and this album makes my insides get a bit squishy. I do love cheery dancy christmas songs, but there is something about a classic christmas song. 

What is your favourite christmas song? I literally have a million. But if I really push myself my all time favourite (which I admit I actually listen to all year round shhh don't tell anyone) is Elton John- Step into Christmas. I literally cannot listen to it without doing a banana mouth grin. 

Lastly my family and friends and pets. Christmas would not be the same without them, I am gutted I am not able to spend the christmas period here, but so thankful I can at least be here when Santa comes on christmas day. Whilst trying to write this, one of my cats came to sit on the keyboard and rub his chin on the corner of my screen- he obviously wanted to be a part of this blog. This is Sir Maslow. 




  1. yay a christmas related post!haha :) I love the nail varnish colour! and you've reminded me to pick up my own vaseline, thanks! :) x

  2. No problem Minnie! I am glad to be of service :-P vaseline is just so useful at christmas time xxxx

  3. Hey thanks for your comment!! Cool blog!! OMG everyone has those super glittery nail polishes.... I need to get one!! I have a gold No7 one but its nowhere near as similar to the one in your post!!That is so weird I just posted a creme brulee lip balm on my blog a minute ago. Cant believe they have a vaseline one, must pick it up!!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog... This is a great post, that nail varnish colour is beautiful and I love creme brulee limp balm! X

  5. Your cat is adorable!!! :)
    Thank you for your comment, your blog is really good i am now following you x x

  6. Is that glitter nail polish easy to remove?

    btw it would make my day if u check my blog out

    and I follow back if anyones interested :)

  7. Thank you for your comment! I love your blog and cat and christmas too! :) xx

  8. That elf polish is perfect, must get it!! Really wan to get the creme brulee vaseline

  9. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I actually haven't posted in a while but LOVE to read other peoples blogs. I have a ton of new products, hauls, review I want to share, just trying to find the time! I love that you also love Hello Kitty, pink and from the look of your board in your room, maybe cupcakes too~! Look forward to keeping up with your blog as well! OH and this may sound silly, but I don't think I ever saw a hamster before.... the closet thing was a guinea pig? I'm not really sure if hamsters are allowed in Hawaii? They may not be.. but yours is SOOO CUTE and I want one now~!


  10. wow! vaseline + creme brulé !! Match made in heaven ;) xxx

  11. Everyone raves about ELF products but I've never tried them...may have to start with that
    nail polish it looks gorge!


  12. Thanks for all your comments, they are so lovely to read. And I am chuffed you think Sir Maslow is cute. Obviously I think he is the most adorable ginger cat in the whole wide world!

    Khloegold I have not tried to remove the glitter yet! So I am unsure how tricky it will be! I will let you know tomorrow!!!


  13. hannah! I love reading your blog it cheers me up and is so much better than looking at the four boring walls of my room!! hope to see you soon!! xx



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