Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BaByliss Waving Wand Wonders.

My life has been a quest to conquer my lifeless hair that REFUSES to hold any kind of a curl. No matter how much tempting, teasing, forcing, product slathering and stomping I do. I would like to rejoice with you now, and introduce my battle buddy the BaByliss Waving Wand. which cost me £30.63 from Boots- seeing as this has granted me eternal happiness, I think you will agree is a tiny price to pay. 

Warning- A quick mini rant. I have been saving my Boots advantage points for years, and thought I would treat myself using my points. I got to the till and they told me you can only use your points if you have enough to cover the full amount!!!! Is that not just ridiculous? 

I am absolutely in love. This wand makes the most beautiful wave effect, it does not have any kind of clamping device which I found made it really easy to use and avoids any odd looking grip marks that I struggle with when using other curling devices. It only took around 20 minutes to do my entire head, I  even managed to do the back with no straining injuries. The curls stayed in my hair for THREE days until I washed it, despite nights of tossing and turning they still looked good! 

This is what came in the box (which my mum recycled before I had chance to take a picture) along with the instruction manual. The heat-resistant glove is fantastic, and allowed me to curl all my hair with no yelping. 

There are four temperature settings, which makes me feel less guilty about frazzling my hair. I used the lowest setting as my hair is really fine, and the results were still fantastic. The wand took no time at all to heat to the correct temperature and there is a light to demonstrate when ready. The product has an auto shut off, which saves some element of panic when worrying if your house is burning down.

The barrel is oval shaped, which is what gives the waving effect rather than tight curls. Although I found you were still able to create a tight curl if you used small sections of hair. This barrel worked beautifully on my hair, which is fairly long. However when playing hairdressers with my mum who has some short layers, it did not work very well and she ended up with a few "boxy/square" looking bits of hair.

The finished effect :-)

I highly recommend this waving wand. I think it is fabulous.




  1. Stunning! Your hair looks lovely... I've always wanted curly hair so I may have to give this a look in :)

    Also I agree with your rant about Boots! It's such a joke that you can't just put some of your points towards the value of what you're buying :(


  2. Your hair looks lovely, I struggle so much with curling wands, I can only manage to curl my hair with straightners!! Tis very frustrating!

    Nicola xx

  3. Your hair looks great! I must admit I'm still a touch sceptical - I have VERY very fine hair that doesn't hold a curl even with a can of hairspray - is that how bad yours is too? If so maybe I'll give it a go!!! x

  4. Curse you, I really want this now! xxx

  5. i like the way you curled your hair! and this curling iron does look great! i like how you have 4 temperatures to choose from, i think that's really important. :)

    <3, Mimi

  6. Looks great! I might have to invest! x

  7. Your hair looks so pretty! :) really want a decent curling iron :) x

  8. Aww your hair looks really nice.. I deffo want this WISH LIST! :). Now following your blog x



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