Thursday, 14 June 2012

What A Naughty Blogger...

Hello Strangers. 

Unfortunately I am not going to lie to you, I have not:

  • flown away in a rocket ship to the moon.
  • swapped bodies with Zebedeee and spent all my time crunching peanuts and chewing carpet.
  • become a famous movie star and jetted off to Hollywood. 
  • ran away and joined the circus.
  • fell in a massive hole and grew a beard to use as a rope to climb out.
  • been eaten by a dinosaur and studied the anatomy.
  • found an invisible cloak and snooped around in your wardrobe.
  • been captured and locked up by an evil queen. 

I have simply been a naughty blogger, and had a little blogging holiday. Everyone is a allowed a sneaky one now and again. 

I have missed you and you and you and you. (but I think secretly Zebedeee has missed blogging more)




  1. glad you're back! but it is good to have a break, you shouldn't blog if you don't feel like it :)

  2. This made me laugh, welcome back! xx

  3. It's fine to take a blog break once in a while! You know, just to remain sane. ;-) Welcome back!

    Liesl xxx

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