Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Posing like a Goon.

Since starting this blog I have been "attempting" to take outfit pictures. A number of reasons have been holding me back...

  1. A number of my friends have no idea about this blog, and therefore it is impossible to get anyone to take pictures without weird questions.
  2. I have no spacious rooms to attempt to work my timer (I live in a shared flat with some girls who hibernate like wild animals and store their stuff everywhere!!!).
  3. I probably spend more time choosing my sweets in Tesco than my outfit in the morning. 
  4. My pyjamas are probably my most worn clothes.
  5. I pose like a goon. :-p
Here is a sneaky peek at some of the attempts I have tried. I will continue to try in the future and maybe one day I will crack it.




  1. Outfit posts are the hardest things ever, I'm forever in awe of people who manage fab shots by themselves. And how do they own a plain wall? I have way too much stuff!
    But these photos are good! Are those black wedges from New Look? If so I have the same pair, ain't they the comfiest shoes ever? xxxx

  2. I find OOTD post hard too! It's always kinda weird but I like your pictures! :))


  3. outfit pics are really hard to make!
    my best friend take my outfit pics, but sometimes I am a little bit to lazy! ;)

    xoxo milla



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