Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What are you searching for???

I have a secret to admit- I am fascinated by my Blog Stats and I check these regularly (despite my non regular blogging :-p). I think it is amazing that I can click a few buttons and see which Countries you guys are reading from!!! But my favourite thing to do is browse the search keywords that people use and end up being sent to this blog. I have been chuckling and saving these up for a while, and thought I would share them with you. 

  • Jumpers for sausage dogs.
  • I am a plonker.
  • Snippets of loveletters.
  • Professionals on Hamsters.
  • I am crazy about sausage dogs.
  • Need some love letters.
  • Naughty blogspot.
  • Funny birthday songs snippets.
  • 8 dogs in one day xx.
  • Crazy glitter girl. 

So if you found your way here by any of these, thanks for making me smile and I hope you found something that was a tiny bit helpful, or slightly related to what you wanted. If you are the person needing a loveletter; I am sure we can sort something!



P.S. Sorry Sister.


  1. Pahaaha I'm cracking up! Who are these strange people searching such things? And why does it lead them to your blog?

    Also, I agree with your sister! xxxx

  2. Haha. I agree, it is interesting to see what are the words that brought people to our blog. I monitor mine as well. Mine mostly are brought in when they were looking for images. :)



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