Wednesday, 15 January 2014


According to my boyfriend, this is me being Gangster. I would say casual. Seeing as he took these pictures I guess what he says goes.  

Scarf- Country Show
Tank top- Primark
Super long sleeved top- Primark (I have to roll the arms twice)
Jeans- Topshop 
Coat- Primark
Shoes- Peckham

These shoes are new, admittedly they were cheap, and may fall apart after a few weeks... BUT it was 3 pairs of shoes for £10. Can you really go wrong with that? I found them in a little shop in Peckham when my sister dragged me to Poundland Avenue. Eeeeekk! I have to admit I love a 99p store bargain. 

So yeah... these pictures are old. Sue me. Bye Toffeenut latte, I will miss you insanely till next year.




  1. Lovely outfit - I especially love the colour of the top. I think more casual than gangster - boys eh!



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