Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The big top ten

1. An outing to Harrods- My two favourite bits of visiting Harrods, the puppies and macaroons, enough said?

2. I am in love with sausage dogs- Clothes, jewellery and bags covered in sausage dogs that I needed to share to prevent myself purchasing the lot (it worked).

3. Graduation dress hunting- A post full of beautiful dresses, and what a difficult dress this was to find. I do not think I actually ever did a graduation post but I opted for the last dress if you are interested ;-) and I loved it- however it spent the entire day hiding under a boring gown so I could have saved myself the stress and just wore knickers. 

4. A glittery rave- A review of  three Avon lip glosses, which I can now only locate one of. 

5. Babyliss waving wand wonders- The only magic tool that has ever been able to curl my hair (that simply loves being straight) and thanks to the heatproof glove we have not fallen out yet.

6. Brown paper packages tied up with string- A Carmine box, before it merged with Glossybox. This makes me sad as I cancelled my beauty box subscriptions due to overflowing drawers of make up and not enough face to use it all. I love the excitement of parcels in the post, I have since replaced this surprise with a Graze subscription and I definitely have enough belly for this. 

7. What a sad sad moment :-(- The sad sad moment when your jeans rip in the crotch, then continue to wear them until the sadder moment you realise half your bum is hanging out. Funny I have found this post, as I have just had this moment of bum exposing realisation from the blog post replacement pair. Back to the drawing board.

8. Dear beautiful Zebedeee Doodah- This was the most difficult post I have ever done, and I sat with tears dripping on the keyboard as I said goodbye to Zeb. I am not sure I trust myself to read it again now. 

9. Snap Crackle POP- A discovery of yet another glittery nail polish that I had actually forgotten about- note to self find it (and a lot of nail varnish remover).

10. Primark is hitting the nail on the head big time- I think the title pretty much sums this post up.

I really enjoyed writing this, and reading back over old posts (admittedly I did cringe a couple of times). Pleaseeeeee do this, and let me know when you do, so I can enjoy yours too. 



1 comment:

  1. And I have loved them all, I always have me some chuckles when I visit your blog! Post 2 is my favourite because DOGS xxx



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