Monday, 17 November 2014

Hi Stranger.

This is a very embarrasing climbing out the rabbit hole kind of hello. I may have been absent for a little very very long while. So, I thought perhaps you would enjoy a 6 month(ish) catch up. Please be warned this may be rather time consuming :-)

I have:
  • Had rather a few afternoon teas.

  • Went to Edinburgh for a few days with Mikey. We went to Edinburgh Zoo and after months and months of watching Tian Tian on the live pandacam I finally got to meet her and I cannot describe my excitement. We trekked up Arthur's seat- I was told this was a "hill", this was a huge lie as it was definitely a mountain and we obviously ended up taking the dangerous route. Luckily we did not get blown off the top, and made it town alive.


  • Had the pleasure of watching this family of gosling's grow to become beautiful geese on my way to and from work. One early miserable morning I watched this family chase a man who had to pick his dog up and run for his life (into a puddle), he swore a lot and stared at me for laughing. I won't lie, it made my day.

  • Welcomed the summer sunshine (most of the time).

  • And the autumn.

  • Ventured to New York on an amazing holiday.

  • Enjoyed a lot of coffee

  • Loved these girls more than ever <3 Chipmunks <3
  • Drank too many cockails.

  • Loved being a nurse, hated being a nurse and started a uni course to be able to mentor student nurses. Hello student discount.

  • Enjoyed my kittens. "Cuddling is when you hold your pet hostage and think they enjoy it". 

  • Watched my little sister graduate and move to Amsterdam! 

I have missed this little place of the internet, I was struggling to balance everything and have been enjoying myself instead of feeling guilty about not documenting it. What has been your highlight of the last 6 months? Take a moment and think about it.

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