Monday, 21 November 2011

Dear Santa. I need some help.

So it is the time of year to get prepared for the big fat jolly red fella- who is waiting for my list, and I can not be the one to let the guy down!!!! BUT I simply cannot make up my mind.

Diesel- Loverdose 

£58.00- 75mls

An addictive and unique fragrance with top notes of mandarin and star anise, followed by a blend of liquorice, rich vanilla and sensual dry woods in the base.

Illamasqua- Freak

£59.00- 75mls/ £80.00 Gift Set 

Freak is a concoction of dangerously exotic unconventional flowers that Illamasqua has unashamedly blended together to celebrate the night. The intoxicating scent includes notes of Black Davana, Belladonna, Poison Hemlock and Queen of the Night. 

I have 'borrowed' these descriptions from the Selfridges website because it makes them sound so much more intriguing and exciting than I ever could.

Gift Set Information 

The gift set varies between the Illamasqua website and Selfridges, as pictured below.

Illamasqua= Pure Pigment in Static, Sheer Lipgloss in Rouse, and Nail Varnish in Jo'Mina.

Selfridges= Pure Pigment in Queen of the Night, Sheer Lipgloss in Datura, and Nail Varnish in Hemlock.

Now I have been smelling both of these perfumes over and over. And I just cannot make my mind up. They are similar in price. The bottles are both beautiful. I love them both. There is just one thing swaying me.... I am in love with the little snail on the Freak Bottle. :-D

Oh and... I am a sucker for gift sets.

But is that enough Santa? I just do not know.




  1. Apologies for the spacing issues. I just cannot seem to sort them!!!!!


  2. Oooh I've not sniffed either of these but love the look of the Diesel bottle, seems a little pricey for the brand though?! I've got Stella In Two & Marc Jacobs Daisy on my Xmas list, I'd be lucky if I got either haha xx

  3. You should definitely get sniffing. The cards they were giving out in the store when promoting illamasqua actually had little ppp up snails on. Very cute. They do smaller/cheaper versions of loverdose. I was just comparing the same sizes :-) It appears santa will be very busy in the perfume shops this year!


  4. I love Loverdose I thought it was a really nice scent xx



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