Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A sneaky peak into my room

When I arrived here I have got to admit I was not thrilled with my room- not quite the London penthouse I dream about living in when I win the lottery. It was an empty, blank sad space. With an ancient looking radiator, and a bed that looked rather like the bed my Auntie takes camping. (In a tent this may appear pure luxury however in a bedroom a shambles!!!)

However I did not want to feel disheartened. And I have slowly been transforming it into a room that is much more me. I thought I would give you a peek at this little area on my board. Although since I took hours sticking all these pins in... I have realised I have nowhere to stick practical things. Like my train tickets I have just got to go home on christmassssss eve :-D because I am not working christmas day. LA LA LA. 




  1. Ahh that's really cute :) The answer to your dilemma is to get another board, and make it into something like this - :)

  2. This looks so sweet! I hope you put some nice bedding on the dodgy bed too, makes it much more attractive and comfy looking at least I'm sure!! xx

  3. Awww Celia that is lovely! And a very good idea! Sadly the silly renting rules say I cannot stick things to the walls (this board came already fixed) So I will have to like prop it somewhere!! I bought my sister a really cute apple shaped one like that picture!

    And Sarah I do have bedding that I loveeee. It is very old though, it was from before I went to uni and I left it on my bed at home. I am embarrassed to say it is a bit tattered now, and has a few nibble marks that my naughty rats did a few years back.


  4. thanks for visiting me, awwww you room is so lovely and neat :D
    I'm following from now dear, keep in touch :*

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