Friday, 25 November 2011

Story time and Ladybugs

I have an active imagination and often have ridiculously unusual dreams. I spoke to my mum about this earlier and she thought it might be nice to share it on here. (I think she is hoping someone will see it and lock me away) 

So please get comfy, grab a COT or one of these delicious hot chocolates I have just discovered at Carluccio's and get ready for storytime. I will try and give you the compact version. But I cannot promise anything. 

*****twinkly dream music intro*****

One of my best friends arranged for me to go to Greenland as a birthday present. However I was allowed no time to pack, resulting in me having no money or warm clothes- it was very snowy and I was freezing. I wanted to go to the christmas market but it was £1 entry, my sister had appeared by this point and only had 50p. A nice lady then showed me the room that had been arranged by my friend. It was in a long thin wooden building, I walked down a corridor with my shoulders brushing each side, she then pulled back a curtain revealing a wooden picnic bench that touched all the sides of the wall.  Opposite me was a couple lying on their picnic bench having a sandwich. I started to wonder if my friend actually disliked me at this point. I desperately needed the toilet, and the lady directed me saying they only had one toilet in Greenland. Unfortunately when I got there the only toilet was situated on the edge of a swimming pool, that had about 100 ladies doing aqua aerobics in green frog hats. I was sat with my knickers round my ankles on this toilet with all these frog eyes looking at me when I woke up. 

I often wonder what dreams mean. This one is beyond analysing. I spoke to the friend in control of the events this morning and told her this crazy dream (whilst making her promise she is not going to send me to Greenland anytime soon). She simply said "you like people watching you on the toilet". Helpful eh? 



P.S. I wanted to share my ladybug nails. How difficult is it to take a picture of your thumb and finger nails together????


  1. I love your blog Hannah !! So cute ! You succeded in making me smile ;) Have a nice weekend ( and check my blog out if you have time ;D) lozz xx

  2. Love those Ladybird for the dream...sounds like you may be experiencing concerns or feelings of being exposed? (all the frog eyes, public place?)As well as a theme of having to struggle to achieve things you desire (not having enough money to go to the market). With a sense of feeling rushed or pushed into something you didn't expect (surprise visit to Greenland)...just some thoughts xxx

  3. Your nails are the cutest ever! <3 Love love love

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Skylozz21- Your comment is adorable. Thank you so much.

    The G-Volution- That is pretty good going there. I have had huge money stresses this past week, and I have started a new job and feel rather pushed and rushed into that. I am unsure about the frog eyes still :-P haha.

    Jo- Thankkkk you :-DDDDD


  5. you're so welcome ;) I meant every word :) Hvae a lovely evening hannah ;)
    -Lozz xxx

  6. oh- and BTW, The girl you saw in the pictures was my french friend cécile , I'm more of a make up bug myself , feel free to check out some of my beauty posts and let me know what you think( and follow me if you like what you see *Cheesy smile / batts eyelashes * ;) xxx



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