Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tea on the Ceiling like Mary Poppins!

Today I possibly had my most crazy dining experience ever. And I absolutely loved it. It is an incredible little restaurant on Kings Road called Buona Sera At the Jam. If you are ever around the area I insist you must visit it (and take me along). 

I am not sure how to describe it except the tables are like bunk bedded little cabins (scarily reminding me of my dream in my last post). Now the pictures do not do it any justice. But the gap between the two sides of the room was tiny, and it was impossible to get far enough away to take a picture. 

But basically you climb up these little wooden treehouse steps....

And then you sit in this, as you can see I am nearly sitting on a mans head. It is just so so so cute and surreal. I was mega excited the whole time. We felt just like we were eating on the ceiling like Mary Poppins. We even had a little dial that controlled the sound of the speaker in our booth! How amazing?

It is an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious and good value for money. It offered a huge range of dishes from pizza to lobster! My boyfriend (who pretends he can speak Italian) told me the name translates to Good Evening, I actually researched this and I hate to admit he was right. I know you will read this and grin, so wipe that smirk off. 




P.S. I have obviously got toilets on the brain- but the toilet in this tiny little restaurant, was the funniest I had ever been in. I felt like Alice in Wonderland stuck in a tiny house. My head was nearly in the sink, and my knees on the wall (and I have short legs).


  1. Thank you so much for following my blog as well and for the kind comment you left on my Hello Kitty bag. :)

    Really interesting dining experience you shared on your post. The steps and the tables are cute. It's quite like dining in a treehouse. :) The food looks delicious too. Looking at the pictures just made me crave crave seafood. :D

  2. wow this looks amazing! sorry for making yo spend so much money in ELF :p

    Im having a giveaway, you should enter!

  3. Hi!

    That restaurant looks crazy! I would love to go there =)

    xo Rose

  4. thanks for commenting on my kntting ;) thats such a cool idea for a restaurant. Were actually heading for london on saturday so im writing this down on my London-note! Have you got any ideas or tips that we should do or visit while in london? Its my boyfriends first visit there :)


  5. Oh. wow.! Sounds amazing, I wana goo!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I just have to visit here, it looks so wonderfully different! The food looks really yummy too.


  7. N'aww, this is such a sweet idea! Definitely Alice in Wonderland ;D ♥

    Saraah ^.^

  8. Ahhhh this place looks super cute! I must go :] x x x

  9. This looks amazing, mental te made to visit if and when I return to the UK!! X

  10. I love this post - looks like such an interesting restaurant! :) Far more exciting than my usual foody haunts (such as the Harvester haha!).

    Thank you for you lovely comment on my Poppy King lipstick review! :) x



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