Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Whole New World!

Dear Reader. 

I have recently been up-hauled from my cosy life in the country (after returning from my slum days of student life); and thrown all alone into this huge scary londontown where zebra crossings seem to have different rules and dogs ride in pushchairs. 

I am an obsessive blog fan and love love love giving my laptop a cheeky smirk or a chuckle at a blog post; so I figured it is time to share my new beginning (plus I need a new hobby- the dog pushchairing is just not for me).  

The day before I was dumped, abandoned and became a loner with no friends. One of my bestest friends arrived bright and early on a surprise visit to spend our last day together. She left me with my new favourite posession......

*******************************My Emergency Kit********************************

I have ridiculous will power. Not opening this box is my hardest challenge. But I know one day when I am desperate. This will put the worlds biggest smile on my face. (However is it bad I am starting to wish for an emergency?) :-s

Do you think I should sneak a peek?




  1. Ahh welcome to blogging & congrats on the big move - have you got a new job to start? I'd totally take a look. Oh and dogs in prams is not uncommon here in Leeds either, clearly mental people are everywhere!!x

  2. Awww thank you! You don't know how much my first ever comment and follower meant!!!! Yes I have just started a new job! No one randomly brought me here and threw me out the car luckily :-) Haha oh dear, but what about cats? Apparently someone has seen a cat in a pushchair in my area!!!! xxxx

  3. Awww! This is so nice! I'm sure this will really make you feel good once you open it. Good luck!

  4. Thanks! She will be reading this and grinning at the idea she came up with. I think its lovely too. I will be sure to share the contents when the time comes. Unless they are inappropriate of course :-P




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