Tuesday, 6 December 2011

50 Followers????? :-O Serious?

Hi girls. 

A blog with a sneaky christmas parcel for you. But first.... a few christmas things!

Lady FrostyBum PaddlePickle showing off her goodie. 

These Mr Kipling individual christmas cakes are packaged in such a cute way I could not resist buying them. Plus I love christmas cake- hopefully these will get me through my night shift!!!!

Beautiful Fairy Lights

I started this blog exactly- three weeks ago tomorrow. And I honestly did not think I would ever have 10 followers!!!! I want to say a huge thank you to all of you that clicked that follow button, or even read it without clicking! I have looked at every single one of you, and smiled fondly. I am excited that you can join me on this journey. I still cannot contain my excitement when I get a new follower, or comment- I don't think I ever will.

I would like to send a christmas parcel to one of you. It is not going to be a super duper expensive amazing gift. Just a bit of christmas cheer. If you would like this little goodie arriving on your door simply be a follower (it is looking for a loveletterandsnippet reader house) and leave me a message on this post with your email and maybe some festive cheer if your in the mood. I am not going to show you this present, because I love getting surprises (as you can probably tell) so do not send a comment if you hate surprises :-p 



P.S. The owner of the mystery package will be picked at random on Sunday 18th- so hopefully it can arrive to go under your tree. 


  1. I love surprises! If you're willing to ship to Canada, count me in :)


  2. Ahh congrats on hitting 50 hun, it's amazing isn't it to know people are actually interested in what you write, I'm endlessly amazed people read my drivel!

    Err some Christmas cheer...happy December! Only 2 weeks & 5 days to go, woohoo!xx

  3. aww, that cake is so cute! and yay for your 52 followers! i'm sure there are many more coming your way! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  4. Great idea keeping it a suprise! :) I love christmas time, i'm obsessed with ginger bread men at the moment :p xoxo


  5. Woo! Congrats on the followers hun - your blog is one of my favourites - honest, sweet and interesting. I'm sure your followers will continue to grow, and I hope you keep blogging!


  6. Hi hi hi :] I would like to enter pleaseee!
    Kind of a newbie here too, 50 followers is amazing..well done you x x


  7. congratulations on your blog! i've been blogging for nearly a year and took me aaaaaaaaaaages to get to 50 ~ shows how much better your blog is;)

    i absolutely love suprises! count me in!



  8. Hi! Congrats on getting 50 followers, I'm only starting out so know how exciting that must be!
    Your blog is seriously cute- keep it up :)

    Happy Christmas


  9. Hello there! I've found you through Carissa from Vanilla Crush on her Versatile Blogger award!
    Christmas surprises are always so much I'd love to get involved.





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