Friday, 9 December 2011

A little teaser

It feels like it has been forever guys. Sorry :-( I have been doing night shifts. Finding everything a bit crazy at the moment- but this is not a blog about work!!!!

I know I said I was going to give the winner of my previous blog a surprise... But I figured it is even more exciting to have a little teaser of what could be coming your way! (If you do not know what I am on about- please read my previous post and leave a comment there to enter with your email) However if you do know... dun dun dun..... This could be yours. 

I am so glad it is finally time for mince pies and clotted cream again. Clotted cream is one of my favourite things ever. I could literally eat it all in one go. I do not know how I resist. Especially now I am miles and miles away from my parents- who never really liked me digging in with my spoon! (I know you will be reading this Moi and tut tut tutting at me. yum yum yum

Ooooh and guess what? I got my first Christmas card yesterday in the post!!!!!!! Isn'y Rudolph handsome with his super glittery nose?

I feel I have overloaded on Christmas things lately.... I apologise but I am just so excitable about this time of year. So I promise I will think of something else to write about later. Before I change this blog name to christmascards and presents and talk about christmas allllllll yearrrrrr longggggg. (sad thing is I probably could) 

I will leave you with this picture that I was not going to show you. But when I showed my boyfriend he laughed so much at the silly idea- I simply had too. 

All I wanted to do was show you my new furry earmuffs on a headband cause I love them so much!!!! Fantastic idea- Primark £3.00!!!! But I have no blank area to take a picture against as my walls are covered in pictures and wrapping paper (DIY decorating) At the time this seemed a good idea. On reflection I agree I look a twonk. 



P.S. I have had such lovely comments lately from you guys. I really appreciate every single one of them.


  1. love this post! especially the earmuffs :) x

  2. Love mince pies! Still waiting for my first one of the year, I'll need to make up for lost time!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Have subscribed. :)



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