Thursday, 22 December 2011

Flutter those beautiful lashes.

One of my pet peeves are my eyelashes. Although they are long and have the potential to look beautiful, no amount of curling, faffing or numerous mascara attempts will make them curl. They are like straight flat slugs and drive me WILDDDD. 

So you can imagine how excited I was when my friend doing a beauty course rings me to say she has solved my biggest problem on earth and is going to come fix my broken eyelashes!!!

Eylure Individual lashes. We bought these in Boots, they were buy one get one half price at £5.30 a box. You could probably get several applications to a box. And they come in black or brown. 

The application process is kindly demonstrated by two of the bestest friends everrrr (leaving me to take the dodgy pictures).

1. Using tweezers remove a lash from the tray.

2. Dip the knot into the adhesive.

3. Place the lash ontop of own lashes with the knot near but not touching your eyelid. 

It is quite a simple process, and I think you could even master applying these yourself after a bit of practice. It took nowhere near as long as a I though- approximately 30 minutes for both eyes! There are a few complications we encountered though... the tweezers get sticky and then it it impossible to make the knot stick to your lashes (we found a bit of alcohol gel helps). Also it is quite easy to accidently adjust lashes that have already been applied when sticking on new ones. 

However I think you can easily overcome these problems when you see the results. This is my friend who has quite small eyes and eyelashes, she used black eyelashes. 



I think these look amazing. They look so natural, but could easily pull off an evening look. I could not stop staring at them!

Here are my "bulging frog eyes with slug lashes"- this must be an accurate description, she is a beauty professional after all. I used brown eyelashes as mine are quite fair. 



I have to admit I was SO impressed. The following day at work about 9 people commented on how nice my eyelashes looked! And no one guessed they were not mine at all- therefore they must look pretty natural! 

My only down side- technically they are suppose to last a week or two if cared for properly. (Avoiding rubbing eyes, and oil based cleansers) But after 3 days a few of mine fell out (I possibly did a sneaky bit of eye rubbing) and I removed them as it was a bit patchy looking. Another warning is to make sure you use the lash remover that is supplied- if you pick at them you will break/loose your eyelashes! 

However all in all I would definitely use these for a night out, or special occasions. You do not get the fake eyelash feeling where you are desperate to rip them off at the end of the day, infact you do not know they are there at all. 

I highly highly recommend these if you have a friend you trust not to glue your eyes together, or one you love enough to forgive if they do. Or even for an attempt alone. They are simple fantastic. 




  1. I'm so jealous, I love your eyelash's, I seriously can't put these things on!! To damn fiddley x x

  2. They look really good, and very natural which is always a good thing! xx

  3. Thanks for your comment sweet

  4. I've been so seriously tempted to try lashes but I was worried they'd look too fake (I so don't wanna look like a TOWIE reject!) but these look soo natural! They make your eyes look lovely xx

  5. I'm not able to put them on! I think that's so difficult!


  6. They looks so natural! I suck at applying single lashes :P




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