Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Operator I have an emergency.

Sadly I had a time of need where I was down in dumps. My friends had returned home after a wonderful weekend of best friend christmas activities. It was so nice to be with them again. And so sad when it was over.

There was only one thing for it.... The emergency kit. If you have no idea what I am talking about... You can find out here! It was made for me by one my friends that stayed the weekend, I knew it would cheer me up.

I thought I would share the contents with you- although major private joke alert, you may think these contents seem ridiculous to cheer up a friend.

It was rammed full of goodies. She included a letter with an explanation for each item. It did instantly make me laugh, however I have to admit I did a weird bit of crying and laughing by myself for quite a while. I did feel a lot better after :-D 

This is my new emergency nail varnish. It is Rimmel- Misty Jade. I really love it, I find these nail varnishes really easy to apply and it has lasted well. 

So when you read this thank you sooooooo much for doing this for me. And guys I definitely recommend doing this for a friend. It is such a nice feeling to know you have a back up plan when you feel sad besides hanging out with Ben, Jerry and a shovel. 




  1. aww that's such an awesome idea! =]

    thanks for your comment also! xo

  2. love that color :) btw Peanut says hello!!

  3. That is such a lovely idea!! I hope you are feeling a bit happier now :-) xxx



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