Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Calling all Hamster Professionals

Dear Hamster expert (yes that means you I hope)

I would not ask such a favour if I was not desperate. But how oh how can you make a hamster stop chewing the carpet? 

This is Zebedeee's most favourite activity in the whole wide world, and the poor carpets least favourite past time. I have done some internet research on the matter and thought I would give you an insight into methods I have tried so that you can tell me where I am going wrong and how to fix this problem before my hair goes grey. 

1.  Cover the area with something- she chews next to it or moves it. 

2. Completely barricade the area- she busts her way in and makes a lot of mess chewing the boxes. 

3. Tape the carpet- she chews the carpet and the tape and I worry it will all get stuck in her pouch! 

4. Putting her in a ball- she gives me these "Mummy let me out and I promise to never chew the carpet again" eyes (this promise never ever lasts). 

5. Kinder egg distraction- only works until all the kinder eggs have been hidden under the bed and I cannot find them. 

6. Bribery with any type of food- works until she has snatched the food and stuffed it in her pouch. 

7. Making trails away from the most tasty carpet area- I cannot let her eat her favourite drops all day long even though she would love it.  

I have even tried blowing air on her and flicking her with water which I think she quite enjoys (and makes me feel mean) as it does not stop the destructive little face.  The only things I have read and not tried for obvious reasons are a) removing the carpet and b) putting vinegar on the carpet. 

Please please please help us. 




  1. After careful consideration, I believe I have a solution. If you put lipstick on her, she won't want to smudge it... simples! Is it obvious I've never had a pet? Good luck on your quest xx

  2. Aww she's cute! If it was a dog I could totally help you :( My dog would just chew everything until I bought this device that lets off a high pitched whistle. I just let it off each time I caught her doing it and she stopped, don't know if this would affect a hamster?

  3. PS I have given you and Zebedee the Versatile Blogger award (non-edible, sorry hamsters) xx



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