Sunday, 8 January 2012

December Carmine VS Glossybox

Obviously this post is rather late. And due to being absolutely manic over Christmas and getting so many lovely goodies. I have hardly had a chance to play with these, but I thought I would give you a quick overview!

1. Weleda- Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash (Full Size) £8.95
2. Institut Eshederm- Time Technology Cream £13.80
3. Japonesque- Smudger Brush £14.75
4. Myface Cosmetics- Blingtone (Silver Screen) (Full Size) £9.99
5. KMS California- Freeshape Quick Blow Dry £1.95
6. Benito Brow Bar- Eyebrow Threading Voucher 

Total- £49.44

This picture really does not sum up how sparkly this eyeshadow actually is. I love it, and I am gutted I did not get the opportunity to wear it to a glitzy New Years Eve party!!!

I do not actually own a smudger brush, so I found this very exciting. It is so soft and I like that it is the perfect size for travelling! 

I have the Weleda Pomegranate body oil from a previous Glossybox, that I love the smell of. But have a slight  issue with having a greasy oily body until it dries. So I am looking forward to appreciating the smell in another form! Plus it will look cute in my shower basket :-P


1. Mememe- Seventh Heaven £5.00
2. Blink + Go- Hi- Definition Mascara (Full size) £12.95
3. Cargo Cosmetics- Classic Lip Gloss (Morocco) £????
4. Deborah Lippmann- Mini Nail Varnish (Razzle Dazzle) and Stripped to Go remover sachet. £???? 
5. Rituals- Foaming Shower Gel (Indian rose & sweet almond oil) (Full Size) £6.50

Total- £????

Sadly I could not work out the value of some of the products in my Glossybox as they do not have how many mls of product are in some of the samples, I would guess they are mini's- but do not know the value. 

This mini pot of cream is sooooo adorable, it smells really nice and has a soft light texture to it. Deborah Lippmann is a favourite of mine, as you probably know if you saw my Happy Birthday nail vanish rambles. I really like this colour- it is a dark pinky purple colour and sparkles in the light although it is really difficult to remove!!!!!! You can also see the tiny blob of lipgloss on my thumb, it is not sticky which is a major thing I look for in a lipgloss and it has just the right amount of shimmer! :-D

I tried this mascara with my fingers majorly crossed that it would sort out my flat eyelashes but no such luck! It did make them look long and seperated them well, but it did not give them any kind of oomffpp. :-( Pretty standard mascara in my eyes (I was going to photograph this for you- but I have bags the size of elephants).

Overall I think I will get more use out of my Glossybox products this month, despite having a few favourites from Carmine. I love that Glossybox gave things a Christmassy touch by changing their normal pink box to a red one. I equally love that Carmine has done something new- giving a voucher for a beauty treatment is such a good idea! I still cannot pick a favourite. I simple neeeeeeed them both in my life. 



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