Friday, 6 January 2012

Lip Scrubs for Hamsters?

I was very lucky to get not one but two Lush Lip Scrubs for Christmas!!

Now I know every man and his dog girl and her hamster has one of these. But there is a reason for this- they are just so yummy and make your lips so soft! I like to use mine before applying Vaseline (if I manage to choose which one as I was also given every possible Vaseline flavour that exists for Christmas).

Bubblegum is obviously the best colour in the whole world and smells and tastes absolutely delicious. Pow Wow despite looking slightly snot-like smells like chocolate limes, it also contains popping candy which has a strange sensation on your lips. 

Although I must admit I am having a bit of a problem getting my hands on the Pow Wow scrub.... 

Zebedeee has decided it is her favourite beauty product ever and is willing to fight for it! This is why in the photo you can see a considerable difference in the lid condition. And yes..... this does mean she has MOVED TO LONDON with me :-D. If this makes no sense to you- you obviously did not read Zebedeee's very own post, she will be very upset if you do not click this. But shhhhhhhhh, its a secret. 




  1. That is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!!
    I to love the bubbly gum lip scrub, they truely do amazing things to your lips. I mean who wants chapped laps?
    I haven't read the post about moving to london, think I only starting following you the other day but I for sure am going to have a read now :) x x

  2. the pink one looks so cute!
    thanks for your comment!
    Miss Starshiny

  3. They look so amazing and yummy (being from Lush, of course they are). I was given some Lush stuff for Christmas, everyone wants to eat me now :P xxx

  4. I've never heard of these scrubs before! I actually really want one my lips are a state because of this rubbish weather.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments! I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award, details on my blog :) xx

  5. that is so cute! I love the mintjulips one x

  6. I LOVE the Gum lip scrub from Lush =)

  7. Lush is on 50% off for the Xmas stuff but these scrubs are regular stuff:(

  8. Awww I'm happy you have your lovely pet there with you, it will definitely feel more like home now! :) x



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