Saturday, 25 February 2012

Jean Shopping for Stumpies...

This post is kind of a follow up from my sad accouncement about my jeans. I would also like to thank you lovely girls that gave advice on jeans for little legs. I did visit all the shops mentioned!

I finally braved the dreaded jean shop and oh boy was it a stressful time. I needed a bucket of Starbucks after the ordeal. I thought you may like to hear what I have learnt. 

1) River Island jeans are obviously designed to make all girls cry as you balloon three sizes because their clothes are for dolls. 

2) You are obviously being punished if you have short legs because you are not allowed any jeans in pretty colours or patterns.

3) Zara do not believe in short legs, and banish this option from the store.

4) Primark's short leg jeans are not really "short". 

5) Dorothy Perkins and Topshop jeans are obviously very popular for little people. As they had sold out completely. 

6) Starbucks Frappuccino's make everything better. 

7) Wear your least favourite knickers when squeezing in and out of jeans that are too small- I managed to rip mine pretty much in half. 

In the end after deciding money was not an issue, if I managed to get that pair of jeans I am going to love forever and ever. I ended up buying two cheap pairs in Primark and taking them up to last until I am brave enough to venture out on this mission again. I apologise for the shoddy jean pictures, my boyfriend simply did not understand the exercise. 

£9.00 Primark

£11.00 Primark

I would also like to briefly introduce you the newest addition to my shoe family. These limited edition bronze metallic buckled  courts from New Look, reduced from £39.99 to £12ish. 



P.S. Sorry if I offended your favourite shops, these are personal opinions of my little stumpy legs and their grumpiness. 


  1. I feel your pain!! I am 5ft but my torso is longer than my legs. Petite/short ranges are never short enough and I'm always left with bunching at the bottom. Boo.

    Frappachinos are great at making everything better though, you are right! xx

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I absolutely hate shopping for jeans, although I have found a few places where I really like the jeans -- mostly because I can zip them up...haha! You found some really cute ones. I love that pink pair :)

  3. I think these thoughts are universal. Im tall and Pretty thin and jean shopping is hell! I go for a maximum of two shops each time because I get superangry and tired of pulling supertight jeans inside out, trying to get out of them, no drink in the world help there ( Theyre always too tight, and always get too loose after one wear! (grrr i get upset writing this, need to calm down...)

    Doesnt it work to shorten them, or does that turn out wrong with the "knees" too far down or something?

  4. oh and, great that you managed to find some they look great!

  5. Ahh shopping for jeans is the worst! I have the opposite problem, I'm about 5'6 but I have pretty lanky legs - it's tights I have the most trouble with! x

  6. I Love my Primark jeans! They are surprisingly soft!! :)
    Them shoes are lovely!! Very classic and will never go out of fashion!
    Em xxxxx

  7. And thank you mummy for being very patient stood outside the changing room in each and every store. PS And a really bigger thank you for taking them up for me. xx

  8. I love the way you write! It might comfort you to know I have the exact same problem with my ridiculously out-of-proportion long legs? haha, love the blog xx

  9. I hate shopping for jeans, it's never a pleasant experience! I love the colour of the second pair!

  10. My jeans are always scrunched up at the bottom because they're too long haha I never ever find the perfect pair! Love the colour of the second pair of primark jeans! :) x



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