Friday, 17 February 2012

Gone AWOL.

Sadly for you guys I have not actually thrown in the blogging towel. :-p I have been absent from the land of blogging due to enjoying my first ever annual leave. This may not sound very exciting to some of you, but a holiday without feeling guilty for not doing an essay or revision or worrying about dissertation??? It is heaven.  I felt it would be rude of me to disappear and not show you what I have been up too. I apologise for the amount of pictures and rambles of my adventures to follow, but if you are anything like me- you will love having a nose.  

Firstly I set off on a three day "holiday" to Cardiff with Sarah, one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. We gossiped, laughed, shopped, pampered and enjoyed wonderful cocktails and a lot of yummy food.  We stayed in a hotel called the The Big Sleep, it was a basic  place to stay but we did not encounter any "stained beds" or "urine smells" as some of the reviews suggested.  I would definitely recommend it for the location and price. It was within a few minutes walk to the train station, shops and the bars! Breakfast was included and served in a cute pink flowery room with pink bowls!!! What else can a pink obsessed girl want? 

I went on a romantic valentines day walk/six mile gruelling hike (depending how you look at it) with my parents and boyfriend. We went on a canal walk in Limpley Stoke and saw the Aqueduct, which was a rather strange concept. Boats going along the canal on a bridge over a river?  Whoever thought that one up? I love looking in the canal boat windows, and get rather excited thinking about that one day when I win the lottery and live in a luxurious one.

I introduced my boyfriend to a car boot sale, he had never been before!!!! He thought there was a lot of junk, I thought there was a lot of treasures (one day I will find a FabergĂ© egg). Whilst I was there I found these two little brooches that I could not resist buying for my sister. Because as you can see from the picture below- she has recently become a Victorian and cannot get enough of them. I hope you like them Roo :-) seeing as this will be the first time you see them!

I have spent a lot of time with my family, friends and cats and loved every second of it.

I have also been enjoying having colour on my nails again!!!! This is Revlon- Passion Fruit (which is scented), I cannot remember the glitter- I had a manicure from a friend and clearly I was not paying enough attention!

I think that is enough for anyone to look at for one day. 



P.S. I have missed you blog


  1. Such lovely pictures.Looks like you have had a brilliant time! I love girlie breaks X

  2. You are so funny. :p Sounds like you had a brilliant time off. x x

  3. Literally loving the glasses!

    1. They were only a few pounds in Primark :-P go grab yourself a pair, I bet they are selling fast!!!!

  4. Glad you've been having a fab time!! I wish I had a sister to buy me presents haha xxx

  5. Those doughnuts look amazing! x

  6. Awww love the pictures and update. I remember my first annual leave as well - it's such an amazing feeling! Little things eh! :) x

  7. Sounds like an absolutely lovely way to spend your leave! Krispy Kreme and loving hikes- perfect :)

    Great blog by the way, I am now following xx



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