Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Suspicious of the Solid Shampoo bar? Read on.

Lush shampoo bars are something I have always looked at in the store, and skipped past to something more exciting until my last visit to Lush with my dad.

Little did I know my dad loves Lush. He likes to find a helpful Lush assistant and pretty much have a guided tour of the entire place and try every single item, he leaves the place sparkling and smelling very feminine! During this visit he picked up the solid shampoo bar "New" which is made of peppermint, cinnamon and clove and was shouting crazily about how good it smelt (personally I think it stinks). After being given a short demonstration of how it lathers so easily, he was sold.

I felt it was only fair I pinch it for a little bit, as I was quite sceptical about the idea. The individual bars are £5.00 and apparently last 80-100 washes making it good value for money. To use you simply wet the bar and either rub the bar directly to the head or apply to your hands first and massage into your hair. I must say I was astounded by how such a small rub on my hands lathered in my hair- I was able to complete the ice cream cone head look in no time. I personally do not like the smell of New due to the cloves. The shop assistant did say the smell would fade in the shower and would not linger in your hair (but then she was selling £5.00 of shampoo that claims to volumise to a man with no hair- I am sure she would say anything he wanted to hear), however the smell did fade in the shower and left no traces in my hair. The downside of this product is you need to store it appropriately as it is quite messy and you do not want to waste it down the side the bath!!! It also claims to add volume to your hair- my hair definitely put this test due to it definitely winning the flattest hair of the year award- Sadly I noticed no results. :-(

The product made my hair feel really clean and I like the idea of saving the planet. I found a fact in the Lush magazine saying they save 6,900,000 plastic bottles from being produced in a year with their shampoo bars. I am also really looking forward to travelling around without worrying my shampoo will have exploded in my suitcase!!! I am definitely going back to the store to choose one for myself. If you can recommend which one, please do!!!

Look at these lovely Easter bits and bobs. So cute <3




  1. Never tried anything from Lush, their products smell amazing tho! This has made me want to give it ago!

  2. Thanks for that! I was wondering about those myself...perhaps I will pick one up next time my shampoo runs out.

  3. What a great idea!
    I'd definitely try this!
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    Follow and I'll follow back x

  4. I need to try it too. Thank you for sharing =)

  5. I'm curious about these. I'd like to give them a go, but have heard that they are hard to lather up xx

  6. I've been using Jumping Juniper solid lush bars for at least 6-7 years now and I love them! The other problem with storing them is the tins they sell/sometimes give away with them are useless as if you put it in wet it sticks to the tin and then you can't get it out again. The best method I've found for storing and travelling is wrap it in some cling film - problem solved! xxx

  7. Wow! I've never heard of those. I'll have to give it a try :)

  8. Such a strange but good idea! Don't know if I could use one myself though, I'm a bit weird about cleaning my hair, must be done everyday with too much shampoo haha. Those Easter goodies look adorable! xxxx

  9. ahhhhh i LOVE shampoo bars!My last one definitely lasted well over a year, such good value for money :) xoxo

  10. Hannah I am absolutely obsessed with Lush these days I think there products are soooo scrummy!




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