Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mummies Day

Dear Mummy Moiro.

I am sorry I cannot be with you today and that you are being made to paint the skirting boards and chop logs.   

I wanted to say a bigggggg thank you for being the best Mummy in the world. 

Thank you for: 

  • finally giving in and letting me have one cat two cats (despite your "allergies"), and sending me pictures when I miss them.
  • always making me do my spellings/homework/assignments/essays/dissertation and proof reading in the middle of the night. 
  • always answering the phone on my walk to work at 6.30am. 
  • moving me and my belongings all over the country and only complaining a little bit. 
  • playing Cluedo with me 100 times even though you hate it. 
  • not shouting when I reversed your car into Dad's.
  • helping the tooth fairy/easter bunny/father christmas for 22 years (and many more I hope).
  • giving me lots of special memories. 
  • changing your name to Moiro. 
  • providing such good entertainment when we tickle you till you cry. 
  • being supportive no matter what. 
  • making me thousands of cups of tea and providing a million biscuits.
  • pretending you are having a lovely time when I am fighting my gambling addiction on the slots for hours.
  • making me leave the slots before I am penny-less.   

Lots and lots and lots of love 

Your favourite daughter :-P


P.S. I bought you these but I do not think they will still be tasty when I next see you, I thought you would like to see me appreciating them instead. 

Feel free to leave your thank you's for any mummies :-) I would like to see them!


  1. That's a lovely message.

  2. So so sweet! I miss my mum so much today. 6 months since I saw her (I moved away, I'm realizing this is sounding morbid - she's still with us!). She comes to visit next month and I am so so excited :)

    I'm grateful to her for making me breakfasts in bed and so many other wonderful food related gestures, always having the kettle on, sending me packages from home that always cheer me up, being my sunbathing buddy, tucking me into bed when I was feeling ill and not minding when I threw up on her, only asking if I had a good night and did I need some ibuprofen when she woke up and found my shoe in the sink and a for sale sign from someones house in the lounge, passing me down the family recipes and teaching me to be a good cook, and so so many other things :) xxx

    1. Sarahhhhhh that puts my post to shame :-P That is so so so lovely. I want to copy and paste it and send to my mum. Hehe! I have to admit I would like to hear more about the for sale sign and shoe in the sink xxxx

  3. This is such a lovely post! Actually brought a little tear to my eye, thinking about my Mum now couldn't be home for Mother's Day because of stupid assignments :( xxx

  4. awh cute post! i dont have a very good relationship with my mum but she does alot for me even if she gets on my nerves! hopefully we will grow out of it!
    but i love your blog btw!
    i wouldnt mind some advice as i have only just recently started mine and feel like mine isnt getting noticed! :S
    thanks xooxoxox



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