Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Summer Skirtaroooons.

There have been a few days recently where I have felt like Summer has nearly arrived- which have all required a Starbucks Caramel Coffee Frappuccino obviously. This has made me realise I have a serious lack of cute skirts due to the last 3 years of being a poor (and stingy) student. I hit the shops on a mission and was seriously disappointed. I could not find ANYTHING I liked, which lead to a bit of online browsing where I found these  which I simply had to share. 

I could really do with some help from you guys. Have you seen pretty skirts anywhere? Or I shall be forced to walk around in my knickers, and you will be to blame.




  1. These are all so pretty! I really like the skirts in Zara and River Island right now. xxx

  2. The watermelon skirt is cute! they're all cute, i want them all! thanks so much for your lovely comments - i've just posted a couple more pics of Oscar. (if you ever want to see all the pics of oscar on my blog, you can click the "oscar" label at the side bar, saves you from going through every page) :) xxx

  3. The watermelon skirt is amazing! <3

  4. The watermelon and lollipop skirts are too cute! xx

  5. I have a dress that is similar to the missguided skirt, have to admit I wish I'd bought that skirt instead ha xx

  6. I absolutely love that watermelon skirt, but I also know that I am way too old for it! Haha!

  7. oh my, I love that watermelon skirt! It's pretty pricey, but I would totally pay that for such a unique skirt! Not sure I quite have the legs for it though haha. Great blog! :)x

  8. i like those miniskirts from asos! :) i've seen a lot of really pretty skirts online, but not a lot in stores, sadly.

    <3, Mimi
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  9. I adore the ASOS watermelon skirt - get it!! xx

  10. I really like the Missguided- Barril Colour Block Mini Skirt! :)

    I'm so nervous when it comes to buying things online! I really want to purchase a spring jacket but knowing my luck I'll recieve it and it won't fit properly ;)



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