Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I am a plonker.

Once upon a time.....

My silly friend Becky came to stay and left her house AND car keys at my house. Due to us both working long shifts it was tricky trying to figure out what to do. Luckily a friend of a friend was in London, going back to where Becky lives. 

This simple instruction was given to me along with his phone number "Meet him at 1.30pm at Waterloo outside Burger King". Easy eh?

I have to admit I was a bit nervous and felt like I was about to venture on a blind date. Would I be able to spot him when I had no idea what he looked like? Was he going to kill me? Would I give someone else her keys by accident? 

Feeling witty and to break the ice I sent this text "Hello, it's Hannah. Just thought I would check if we need a secret code or anything? Or if your wearing a tin foil coat for me to recognise who you are? :-P" From his reply I established it was not a "password or shady trench coat back alley meeting today" which reassured me slightly. 

I got to the station and realised there were 2 burger kings. So when I got the phone call saying he had arrived, we guessed we were at opposite ones. He asked me to describe my location "I am stood under the Victoria departure board". Have you spotted my mistake?

Yes I was at the wrong station :-(. Luckily he was lovely about this, and came to meet me at Victoria, where we exchanged the dodgy package and parted ways. Luckily it was not a blind date- what a disastrous start. 

I still feel a divvy and thought you might like a smile at my misfortune. 

If you want to go to Becky's blog (Something inspirational) and give her abuse from me about my red cheeks. Please do, she is new to blogging and she I will appreciate it!! :-)




  1. This if funny! I'm from Southern Ontario too!!!

  2. This did make me laugh :') we've all been there though and done something stoopid. As long as you can laugh about it aye? xxx

  3. Sounds like something I would do! Your not alone! I like to describe my life with one word: "awkward"! :)

  4. Haha this made me laugh loads, it's exactly the kind of thing I'd do too! It happens to the best of us...! xxxxx



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