Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dear beautiful Zebedeee Doodah.

You made my life more exciting from the minute you chewed your way out the box on the way back from Pet's at Home; where we had to stop the car and quickly assemble the cage as we were scared to touch you- as they said you were a biter!!!! (Thank you for never biting me once). I have had the best (and most chaotic) times:

  • wrestling various objects out of your teeth and pouch. 
  • thinking of ways to stop you chewing the carpet (and finding ways to hide the chewed areas).
  • playing hide and seek when you let yourself out the cage.
  • timing how quick you could make it up the stairs with your tiny legs.
  • getting way too many funny looks on trains and buses with you rustling around in my bag.
  • making videos with you to send to Sarah. 
  • finding you in every food packet/box/sachet/tub of food you could possibly get in.
  • having kinder egg yellow balls hidden everywhere.


Mister Tibble's misses watching Zebbovision, and definitely cannot fit in your wheel and make as much noise at night as you. 

You gave me my blogging mojo, now what cute pictures am I suppose to insert?

I hope you are enjoying your tiny little angel wings Zebbie. I love you and I miss your little nose and pinkpootail everyday. 



  1. Ohh,sooo cute.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???

  2. This is such a lovely post! I love hamsters, what a little cutie. That video made me chuckle too! The little leg hanging on like 'Should I let go? Should I do it? I shall.' *weeeeee!* RIP little Zebbie <3

    Thank you for your lovely comment by the way...well actually for all the lovely comments you've ever left! xxxx

  3. Thanks,for your lovely comment,dear.^^

  4. awwh! I loved your Zebbie posts always made me smile x



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