Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Primark is hitting the nail on the head big time.

Calling all Primark explorers.... If you have not recently popped into rummage the delights of Primark. I recommend that you stay away, unless you wish to be bankrupt. We all understand the rules of Primark- sometimes you love it, sometimes it is full of crap and you hate it. 

Sadly for my overused little bit of rectangular plastic, right now I am head over heels and de diddle diddle cat over the moon playing a fiddle in love with it. These are a few goodies I have collected recently, maybe I will show you more soon (but I don't wanna look greedy or admit pretty much my whole wardrobe is now Primark). 

Do not even get me started on the Pyjama section, or the jumpers. I literally have to be carried out of those sections screaming. Have you been recently? What are your current thoughts? Have you purchased the entire store like me?

Also something else I am enjoying a little bit too much. One Direction- Little Things. I know some of you may think they want to marry you. But I think this song was for me, how did they know I squeeze my lardy into my jeans and drink tea in bed??? If you have no idea what I am talking about, get on youtube and fall in love. 




  1. AAAA I really wish we had Primark here in Malta!! I always go completely bonkers when I wisit the Oxford Street one!!! xD

  2. Dammit, the second I can walk again I am hitting up Primark.



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