Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Flutter those lashes.

Whilst browsing my Facebook newsfeed and seeing the usual updates about how Facebooker 1 has done three loads of washing today, facebooker 2 has cleaned his grandma's teeth, facebooker 3 is so bored and facebooker 4 clearly left their facebook signed on and who even thinks up such a status about a cow and kitchen utensils. I stumbled across a picture Glossybox had shared and literally fell in love.

Here is the picture. Taaaaadaaaaaaaa. 

Circus Image Source

These eyelashes are simply the most ridiculous impractical things ever but utterly amazing. These are called "Circus". I immediately had to get onto this Etsy page- Eyelash Jewelry to look at these adorable handmade creations, I felt like Hannah stepping into Wonderland. I thought I would share a few of my favourites, because how can you not share these????

Cupcake Image Source

Baby Farm Animal Image Source

Fish In The Sea Image Source

Peace Love and Pandas Image Source

Eeeeeekkkk cupcakes, baby farm animals, tiny nemo's, real seashells, pandas, pretty beads, dazzling make up, need I say more? If you are hyperventilating like me right now, then please go and look at the store. You will not regret it. Now the practical side of me knows that if I owned any of these I would probably never be able to pull off the look/ or get a little animal stuck to my eyeball/ or loose them halfway during wearing them, and find them stuck to my chin/ or get laughed at my friends for being over the top. But the other side of me that is swooning over these beautiful creations thinks I that I really really need them and I could flutter them all day long and feel like a disney princess. They are just perfect and magical. What do you reckon? Would you do it? 



P.S. I sent a picture to my dad and got a "they are hideous" response, that means I must be onto a winner :-D


  1. How random! I like the second one the best - looks more subtle with them in the corner. Personally it's something I wouldn't wear but love to look at :) x

  2. Maybe you can wear them when you get married? :) xx

  3. I'm not a massive fan haha, but it certainly stands out!


  4. W.O.W. I'm speechless. Do they weigh a tonne?
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