Monday, 7 January 2013

Reviewing 2012 Resolutions.

Last year I sat pondering over new year's resolutions and decided I would make fun achievable goals, and things that I would enjoy. Who wants to start a new year with a list of chores that should be accomplished? I doubt many hands are raised right now.

I thought before I set about a new 2013 list, I should review 2012. Click here for a little peep.

1. Spend as much time with my friends and family as possible and keep friendships alive.

I have some wonderful memories with my family and friends from this year, and I have been lucky enough to meet some lovely new friends along the way. 

2. Continue to enjoy blogging, reading blogs, and to make good friends with fellow bloggers.

Mmmm. Well I have enjoyed reading blogs all year but I remain a billynoblogmates. Sadly I have failed at my own blog. I started this blog when moving to a completed unknown area, where I knew no one. I used this blog to fill some spare time and update friends and family I could  no longer be with all the time. I seem to have lost sight as I have becoming busier and more involved in my new life. This does make me feel rather glum. 

3. Enjoy more cocktails. 

Pictures speak louder than words.

4. Go on holiday!

I ventured to Tunisia in May with Mikey. It was our first "abroad holiday", we managed to survive the whole week together without having to catch separate planes home. This is a quick summary without 2000 pictures of cats and food.

5. Appreciate my beautiful sparkly christmas present from my sister and master walking in them. 

If the look I wanted to master was walking with a ferret in my knickers, then I definitely mastered it.

6. Avoid a broken ankle during the process.

No broken bones- Check. Maybe this means I did not try hard enough?

7. Teach Zebedeee how to talk, or learn hamster so we can go on adventures.

One of my saddest moments this year was saying goodbye to little Zebby when she went to the sky with her little angel wings. But we had so many exciting adventures in her lifetime, she was a very special and well travelled hamster.

8. Start making jewellery again.

Does necklaces out of paperchains or daisies count?

9. Explore London (and not just M&M World).

This is a work in progress. There is never enough time in a year to see London. 

10. Use my Kindle more. 

It is pretty tricky to read more whilst spending the year having adventures with friends, family and Zebedeee, learning to walk in skyscraper shoes, drinking too many cocktails, and getting lost in London.

11. Bake beautiful things and master Macaroons. 

I give up attempting Macaroons. I have tried and tried. I simply do not have the macaroon baking gene. I surrender.

12. Have lots of fun and laugh till my sides hurt- preferably everyday. 

:-) :-) :-) :-) There have been many mascara smudging moments. 

Happy 2013. 

Did you stick to any of your resolutions?




  1. Sounds like really good resolutions!! I kinda want to learn "catish" (what I call cat language haha) so I can understand why my Cat is always so grumpy!


  2. I NEVER stick to resolutions, even though I make them every year:/
    Your's were really good ones, I hope you do start blogging again :)

    1. I hope so too Alice, thank you :-)

  3. aww shucks!
    I'll be your blog bestie. hehe (:

  4. I really enjoyed reading this ahah I like the way you write :)
    I'll be your blogging buddy!

  5. Those sound like fun resolutions. I just made vague ones this year since I already have a 25 before 25 list :) x

  6. You stuck to a lot of them, well done! I would like you to blog more missus, but on the plus side it's great that you've been living a 'real' life! xxx

  7. I love that your resolutions were fun and realistic and not just "lose weight" etc - my favourite is by far "drink more cocktails!" haha thats my new resolution lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog! And don't be a billyblognomates - I'm a twitter addict - come tweet with me lol

    Jenni x

  8. Good job! I started my blog late last year because it was my resolution to start one. Great resolutions! Mine were all boring.





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