Monday, 7 October 2013

Finding Prince Charming

If you have seen the adverts, you probably believe that it is all rosey- you know...  simple to set up a profile, thousands of attractive, witty (but not arrogant men) will want to take you out for dinner and lastly it's easy to meet the man you want to marry. Wrong. There are a lot of bits withhold on the cute snippets of television. I thought I would share a few problems that have been encountered whilst helping my friend/flatmate Sarah. 

1) You have to answer about 2,000 questions before you can even get going on your quest for love. I am not sure how ranking the Spice girls, or what your animal you most look like can influence anything.

2) A display picture. This is no facebook profile. Oh no. This is a profile. This single picture is influencing the rest of your life. You do not want to go for something that could be considered inappropriate, and portray you as wild or a party animal and attract the wrong type of person.

Equally you do not want to look too relaxed and laid back to even make an effort with your face and hair, and attract a slob or someone who pretends to enjoy your "natural beauty".

It is about finding a midpoint between a "not caring what people think" attitude and looking an absolute wierdo. 

Sarah went with this. Simple, beautiful and a slight bit of cleavage. 

3) Your advert. Do not: sound desperate and lonely, act like a big fat liar,  fluff it up, sound boring, give any reference that you already have your wedding dress picked out, talk too much about your love of furry animals- cats in particular, list all your favourite disney movies or talk about how much you loved Magic Mike. But what is left to talk about?

4) You need a degree in understanding the rules of winking. So someone views your profile, then winks at you. Do you wink back? Then await to see if they will wink again, or make a move? Or take the plunge to send that first awkward message? 

5) What do you say in that first awkward message?

Please if you have any experience. Or just a general suggestion, share it :-)



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