Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remember Remember the 5th November.

I absolutely love fireworks, and after much debating with my housemate about if we really wanted to go outside in the cold and watch fireworks or if we could get a good enough view of some from our balcony we headed to Brockwell Park, Lambeth. The display was free, and it was amazing, definitely the best fireworks I have seen in a long long time. The display was done to music, and lasted for approximately 20-25 minutes. 

Normally, when I attempt to take firework pictures on my Blackberry they turn out horrific, but I decided to have a go with my new phone. Sadly they were still rubbish (I guess I cannot blame the phone anymore). I do not know why I continued to take over 100 photos!! Here are a couple of the better ones.

I have tried time and time again to upload a few video clips from the display, but blogger is just having none of it! So sadly I have given up. There is a tiny clip of my favourite heart shaped firework on my Instagram if you are that interested- Hannahfluffybum. Did you get to any fireworks this year? Where does your favourite display take place?



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  1. I love fireworks too! I think they smell so good as well. I like Brockwell Park, I think it's quite nice there! xxx



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