Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Sunshine award has got its hat on.

The rules:

1. Display the award.
2. Say "thank you" to the wonderful person that nominated you.
3. Share 10 interesting things about yourself.
4. Nominate some of your favourite blogs.
5. Link to the nominated blogs, and share the news with them!

10 things about me:
  • I get on really well with my family, and love spending time with them.
  • Cluedo is one of my favourite board games, but everyone refuses to play with me as noone likes it. :-(
  • I am really messy, but on first impressions everyone believes I would be be an organised, tidy person. Sorry housemates. 
  • Instagram is becoming more and more addictive #startingtouseridiculoushashtags.
  • I love pink way too much, everything I own is pink and people sometimes stare when they enter my room. 
  • I become very attached to my pets. I miss my boys insanely when away from home.
  • My lucky number is 14- therefore I am hoping for good things this year.
  • I do not think I want to be a nurse forever.
  • Big bun still sleeps in my bed with me every night, and he now wears a babygrow as his stuffing is falling out his ripped bits.
  • I am really trying to make more time for my blog, and loving it, loving it, loving it. :-)
I could sit and nominate blogs for hours. These are a few I enjoy reading a lot, a lot!!!

A Daisy Chain Dream
I is for Iz
Pocket Full of Fashion

If anyone else wants to do this, I tag you too. Your it.

I would like to say a big thank you to Liesl from Pretty.Random.Things for reading my blog and the nomination. 


  1. Aw thank you! I've never seen this Tag before but I'm dead excited to do it :D
    I also like Cluedo but no-one ever plays games in my house anyway , we should play ;D haha xxx

  2. Such a cute tag - loved learning a bit more about you!<3

  3. I'm definitely WAY too attached to my cat, but whatever, she's my baby.

  4. Nice post :)

    Want to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, FB and Twitter? Love
    Fashion Talks

  5. Thank you Hannah! <3 I love posts like these. I'd defo play Cluedo with you, loved it as a kid but no one ever wants to play board games these days :( xxx

  6. What a cute post! I love playing Scrabble but nobody wants to play that with me because I'm a literature student and I usually win :( haha. Instagram is so addictive isn't it! xxx

  7. What a lovely tag!

    Jess x

  8. Congratulations. :)
    It's always great to know more about bloggers! :)
    Glitter And Blush
    [If you would like to show support by following each other, let me know? :)]

  9. It was nice getting to know you more. Im just like you Im also a messy person



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