Monday, 12 December 2011

Sparkly tootsies.

One of my favourite things is nail varnish. I love nothing more than painting my fingers and toes pretty colours. Sadly I am unable to paint my fingers often, as I cannot wear it to work :-( which makes me very sad. However there is something satisfying about knowing my toes are having a rainbow party secretly in my socks. 

I have never seen anyone's toes on their blog before. I think a lot of people think toes are a bit strange and secret! However I think toes are cute. Everyone has such different adorable toes, so please if you read this.... Make your toes pretty and blog about them! Here are my toes showing you my ten favourite nail varnishes at the moment (this changes frequently). 

From left to right 

1. Maybelline Express Finish- Just Pink 
2. Barry M Nail Paint- No. 40 (it does not have a name)
3. No7 Stay Perfect- Poolside Blue
4. Collection 2000 Hot Looks- Couture
5. Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Colour- Forever Mango

6. Rimmel 60 Seconds- Green with Envy
7. Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Colour- Potent Pink
8. Essie- Loophole
9. Leighton Denny- Babydoll
10. Ciate- Kitten Heels

I would like to show you my most favourite nail varnish I have EVER owned. I could wear it everyday forever. 

Deborah Lippmann- Happy Birthday

It transform every single colour in a magical way.

Hope you enjoyed my toes.



P.S. Sadly I have realised I made a mistake on my blog giving away the christmas present!!!! I obviously want it to arrive before Christmas and I meant to choose the random winner on Sunday 11th not the 18th!!! Therefore due to super duper important christmas circumstances, I am going to choose the winner on Wednesday 14th DecemberClick here to go leave a comment and enter. 


  1. ohh I love deborah lippmann nail polish! and haha thats true you don't see a lot of toes on people's blogs!

  2. 'i hope you enjoyed my toes' haha! I did :)

  3. haha this made me laugh! it's true, you don't see many toes :p. I'm a sucker for nail varnish, love all your colours x

  4. I love your toenails! They look so cute. I especially love the glittery green polish, I think I'm going to have to pick up that Rimmel one. xo

  5. so pretty! crazy how a little bit of glitter can change your nails completely. xx

  6. haha I love this post. It's true, this was the first post I have seen with someone's toes. I love the polish! My favorite is the "No7 Stay Perfect- Poolside Blue."

  7. I love the darker blue! I wouldn't think to put that on my toes, but you've totally inspired me. Loved the post!

  8. aww so cute x

  9. Your toes are so cute and your polishes selection is awesome ! I want the green shade =) Kisses

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  10. That Deborah Lippmann polish is shhhhhh-amazing!!!
    need it in my life :)

  11. so festive :)happy holidays! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am hosting 3 great giveaways, 2 of which end at midnight, tonight :) xo!

  12. I'm addicted to nail varnish, I change it like every week haha. I'm all about gold, silver, and glitter, anything sparkles haha. But I gotta say I love all nail varnish you have :)

  13. Guyyyyys I am overwhelmed by the amount of comments here :-D Thanks everyone, I am really glad you approved of my toe post and did not run a mile and promise never to come back.

    Lovely comments :-D


  14. Your toes are adorable. :) I need Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday in my life, omg!

  15. Very cute idea to post about your toes! I agree that toes are cute! Very nice idea to paint them all your favorites so we can see them! The Deborah Lippmann color is simply stunning! I don't own any of her polishes but they look amazing! :)

  16. aw, that is so cute! I really love the stay perfect polishes, i find them so easy to apply! :) xo

  17. Lovely coloured toe nails! I love the No7 stay perfect, they are some of my favourites.




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