Saturday, 25 February 2012

Jean Shopping for Stumpies...

This post is kind of a follow up from my sad accouncement about my jeans. I would also like to thank you lovely girls that gave advice on jeans for little legs. I did visit all the shops mentioned!

I finally braved the dreaded jean shop and oh boy was it a stressful time. I needed a bucket of Starbucks after the ordeal. I thought you may like to hear what I have learnt. 

1) River Island jeans are obviously designed to make all girls cry as you balloon three sizes because their clothes are for dolls. 

2) You are obviously being punished if you have short legs because you are not allowed any jeans in pretty colours or patterns.

3) Zara do not believe in short legs, and banish this option from the store.

4) Primark's short leg jeans are not really "short". 

5) Dorothy Perkins and Topshop jeans are obviously very popular for little people. As they had sold out completely. 

6) Starbucks Frappuccino's make everything better. 

7) Wear your least favourite knickers when squeezing in and out of jeans that are too small- I managed to rip mine pretty much in half. 

In the end after deciding money was not an issue, if I managed to get that pair of jeans I am going to love forever and ever. I ended up buying two cheap pairs in Primark and taking them up to last until I am brave enough to venture out on this mission again. I apologise for the shoddy jean pictures, my boyfriend simply did not understand the exercise. 

£9.00 Primark

£11.00 Primark

I would also like to briefly introduce you the newest addition to my shoe family. These limited edition bronze metallic buckled  courts from New Look, reduced from £39.99 to £12ish. 



P.S. Sorry if I offended your favourite shops, these are personal opinions of my little stumpy legs and their grumpiness. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Pollyanna Post

For those of you that have not read the book or watched the film Pollyanna, it is an inspirational story about an orphan who is sent to live with a stern Aunt and she changes the whole town. I do not want to spoil the story for you- so definitely read or watch it. Pollyanna is always optimistic and plays "the glad game" which is finding something she is glad about in every situation. 

I think we are all guilty of not being as optimistic or as thankful as we should be. So from now on I am going to make "A Pollyanna Post" a regular feature.

This week I saw my oldest friend Kirsty who I have not seen for months and months and months, afterwards I felt sad because I do not get to see her more often and miss her.  However I am glad that when I do get to see her, I have such an amazing time and the longest catch up session about weddings and her beautiful cat Charlie!!!!!!! As soon as I see her it feels as though we have never been separated- and that is a lovely feeling. I am also really glad that we are still friends after 22 years despite being apart for long periods of time. Why don't you pop over and see the blog whose owner gives me the reason for all my gladness. 

I was also sad to hear that Sarah had a bit of a "dog incident" but glad it was not me. 



Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Suspicious of the Solid Shampoo bar? Read on.

Lush shampoo bars are something I have always looked at in the store, and skipped past to something more exciting until my last visit to Lush with my dad.

Little did I know my dad loves Lush. He likes to find a helpful Lush assistant and pretty much have a guided tour of the entire place and try every single item, he leaves the place sparkling and smelling very feminine! During this visit he picked up the solid shampoo bar "New" which is made of peppermint, cinnamon and clove and was shouting crazily about how good it smelt (personally I think it stinks). After being given a short demonstration of how it lathers so easily, he was sold.

I felt it was only fair I pinch it for a little bit, as I was quite sceptical about the idea. The individual bars are £5.00 and apparently last 80-100 washes making it good value for money. To use you simply wet the bar and either rub the bar directly to the head or apply to your hands first and massage into your hair. I must say I was astounded by how such a small rub on my hands lathered in my hair- I was able to complete the ice cream cone head look in no time. I personally do not like the smell of New due to the cloves. The shop assistant did say the smell would fade in the shower and would not linger in your hair (but then she was selling £5.00 of shampoo that claims to volumise to a man with no hair- I am sure she would say anything he wanted to hear), however the smell did fade in the shower and left no traces in my hair. The downside of this product is you need to store it appropriately as it is quite messy and you do not want to waste it down the side the bath!!! It also claims to add volume to your hair- my hair definitely put this test due to it definitely winning the flattest hair of the year award- Sadly I noticed no results. :-(

The product made my hair feel really clean and I like the idea of saving the planet. I found a fact in the Lush magazine saying they save 6,900,000 plastic bottles from being produced in a year with their shampoo bars. I am also really looking forward to travelling around without worrying my shampoo will have exploded in my suitcase!!! I am definitely going back to the store to choose one for myself. If you can recommend which one, please do!!!

Look at these lovely Easter bits and bobs. So cute <3



Friday, 17 February 2012

Gone AWOL.

Sadly for you guys I have not actually thrown in the blogging towel. :-p I have been absent from the land of blogging due to enjoying my first ever annual leave. This may not sound very exciting to some of you, but a holiday without feeling guilty for not doing an essay or revision or worrying about dissertation??? It is heaven.  I felt it would be rude of me to disappear and not show you what I have been up too. I apologise for the amount of pictures and rambles of my adventures to follow, but if you are anything like me- you will love having a nose.  

Firstly I set off on a three day "holiday" to Cardiff with Sarah, one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. We gossiped, laughed, shopped, pampered and enjoyed wonderful cocktails and a lot of yummy food.  We stayed in a hotel called the The Big Sleep, it was a basic  place to stay but we did not encounter any "stained beds" or "urine smells" as some of the reviews suggested.  I would definitely recommend it for the location and price. It was within a few minutes walk to the train station, shops and the bars! Breakfast was included and served in a cute pink flowery room with pink bowls!!! What else can a pink obsessed girl want? 

I went on a romantic valentines day walk/six mile gruelling hike (depending how you look at it) with my parents and boyfriend. We went on a canal walk in Limpley Stoke and saw the Aqueduct, which was a rather strange concept. Boats going along the canal on a bridge over a river?  Whoever thought that one up? I love looking in the canal boat windows, and get rather excited thinking about that one day when I win the lottery and live in a luxurious one.

I introduced my boyfriend to a car boot sale, he had never been before!!!! He thought there was a lot of junk, I thought there was a lot of treasures (one day I will find a FabergĂ© egg). Whilst I was there I found these two little brooches that I could not resist buying for my sister. Because as you can see from the picture below- she has recently become a Victorian and cannot get enough of them. I hope you like them Roo :-) seeing as this will be the first time you see them!

I have spent a lot of time with my family, friends and cats and loved every second of it.

I have also been enjoying having colour on my nails again!!!! This is Revlon- Passion Fruit (which is scented), I cannot remember the glitter- I had a manicure from a friend and clearly I was not paying enough attention!

I think that is enough for anyone to look at for one day. 



P.S. I have missed you blog

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A glittery rave

I feel the need to sing the praises of this little trio of lip glosses from Avon. If like me, you enjoy a bit of sparkle they are definitely for you.  

Left to Right
Glazewear Shine- Pink Watermelon
Glazewear Duo Reflect- Bronzed & Beautiful
Glazewear Dazzle- Shimmered

I really like these lip glosses and there is always one in my handbag. They look quite subtle on the lips, and are easy to wear in the day (and most definitely at night). Most importantly, they are not sticky in the slightest! They leave your lips feeling really glossy, without that horrible gloopy feeling. I find my lips dry quite easily with lip products, but not these little beauties. The only downside :-( .... the staying power is not great, they wear off too quickly! But it gives you a good excuse to reapply the different colours and pout throughout the day. 




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